Yumping Yiminy

Jiminy Christmas it’s cold out there. 2 pig-friggin’ degrees Fahrenheit. Perhaps if we took our 2 degrees and rubbed them together we could make a fire, and warm this place up.

I can’t complain though, it sure is beautiful. This is the one month each year when snow is still a novelty. Come February I’ll be ready to climb into a warm bath, and slit my wrists.

My December to remember continues at a torrid pace, with more classes to teach tonight and tomorrow, hockey & basketball practices, work, shopping, and walking the dogs. I can barely find the time to sit and complain.

Consider yourself lucky.

So in lieu of further whining I will share some pictures. I think that the traditional day for photo posting on a blog is supposed to be Wednesday, but screw tradition. This is the interwebz after all.

Stay gold Ponyboy!

Johnny Mathis was right, it is a Marshmallow world in the winter...

No, seriously.

The new fake tree is starting to grow on me. If a fake tree can be said to grow.

Even the Polar Bears are cold.

so call a friend

and lets go sledding!

11 thoughts on “Yumping Yiminy

  1. That really is gorgeous! It’s supposed to be 80 degrees on Saturday here in Houston. 80!!! I blame the weather for Grinching me up this year. Seriously, you shouldn’t be able to wear a tank top and Daisy Duke’s to Christmas dinner.

    Especially if you’re me.

    • I couldn’t do it. I lived in the South for about 6 months and the heat almost killed me. The lack of a real winter also depressed the hell out of me. I may complain, but I wouldn’t consider moving anywhere warm. Hell, I’d move further north is there was work to be found.

  2. My Lorna, she wears tank tops and Daisy Dukes year round. And we live in Minnesota. Also keep in mind, she’s 61 years old. It’s not a pretty sight.

    Oh, the snowflakes are a nice tough. Some day you’ll have to tell me where that came from.

      • HA! I TOLD you there were snowflakes and now I have proof.
        Anyway, I’m going to have to be totally honest here and say that as much as I complain about various weather during the year, this actually looks beautiful.
        Also, the tree is beautiful. Kim Jong-il would clap politely and give you a 21 gun salute.

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