Holiday Photo Card Ideas

Are you tired of receiving Christmas Cards from friends and distant relatives full of smiling Aryan children in Christmas sweaters? I know I am. Most years we are lucky to even have a single photograph where the kids are actually smiling. The likelihood of getting them to pose in front of the tree dressed like Ken and Barbie are practically nil.

It used to bother me. I used to feel like an inadequate parent. Then I took matters into my own hands and went out on the internet, the one place where answers to all of life’s problems are.

Here is the result. We sent this card out in 2008 and ever since then we’ve noticed a significant decline in the number of cards we have received.

Not a Christian? They also come in other Faith Traditions!

or the all purpose “Happy Holidays!”

You can thank me later!


22 thoughts on “Holiday Photo Card Ideas

    • Glitter would be perfect! There are few things that can’t be improved with a little glitter. It’s like Bacon and Nutella, that way.

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  2. If you put some duckie pajama pants on that first lady in the kitchen you essentially have a portriat of me in the morning.

    I thought fifteen dollars for sex was the standard going rate? I have been woefully underpaid for FAR too long.

    Also, I notice all of these actors portraying meth addicts have opted to keep their teeth. Marlon Brando says “a pox on you!” from beyond the grave.

    Method acting people! BECOME the character.

  3. My Mom keeps hassling me to get a portrait studio shot of the kids. I’m like, “Mom, I’m broke, and I spend all my money on meth!” Thanks for the cards, I just sent her the first one.

  4. Oh and I’m sorry but ???MONTANA???? has a meth problem?
    Isn’t that big sky/Brokeback Mountain country? Who the hell can get ahold of meth when they are herding cattle all day?
    Someone needs to educate me on this “hidden state” because from all the pictures I see it’s majestic mountains, mindblowing cloud formations, hot guys in cowboy boots riding horses, and rustic cabins to have sex with them in.
    I was all ready to get myself a metal coffee cup and a swiss army knife to relocate and now my dreams are crushed.
    Where else can I wear my Jack Twist get up without problems?

  5. What these kids have missed in their lives was a caring, and dashing may I add, teacher like myself…

    Way to warn the world of the danger of cheesy holiday cheer, eh, I mean, Meth. Good job, mate. Carry on!

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