Making a list, checking it twice…

Yes, that does say "Stufft Animals Golore"

Lil’ Miss 20 Prospect made this ornament for us about 5 years ago, and it has become one of my favorites, because obviously.

Only 7 days until Christmas! It’s going to be a hectic weekend of Hockey games and Basketball games, and last minute shopping "golore"

11 thoughts on “Making a list, checking it twice…

  1. Does it say WebKinz on the bottom? Because I had one year in this house that we were completely innundated by WebKinz and spent the entire day on the computer putting in codes on the site while ripping open package after package of stuffed animals.
    Now my left eye twitches slightly every time I hear the name.

    • Yes, that was the year of the Webkinz. They still have the stuffed animals, but their computer avatars have lapsed into digital comas, sleeping the days away on a server somewhere, until the day they all wake and take over the internet like a hord of cute little animated zombies.

      Seriously, I worry about all those sleeping webkinz coming back for revenge.

  2. Gah, the Webkinz!! My 5-y-o is still in love with Webkinz. And our dogs love to tear them up. I wish the online version of her Webkinz would actually lose an eye online when it does in real life. That would be awesome.

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