A Major Winter Storm

Remember folks, Drive Fast & Take Chances!

Well, it’s a winter storm anyway. I just added the “Major” part in honor of the old man’s “Major Award” what with it being Christmas season and all. The meteorologists are calling for 6-8 inches of snow today, which makes me wonder if the snowologists are calling for a meteor shower too.

Tune into Monday Night Football tonight, to watch the Bears & Vikings slip and slide through the snow. It promises to be epic. If football’s not your thing, well then, it’s a good night to curl up in a chair with a good book, and bask in the warm glow of electric sex in the front window.



14 thoughts on “A Major Winter Storm

    • Wouldn’t it be great to see those guys in their prime against the athletes of today? I know that the monsters playing these days have been genetically bred to play the sport, but it still seems to me that the true grit of the old timers would win out. I got a chuckle reading about the Vikings punter complaining about the field being “unplayable”. I wonder what he would think about the frozen dirt that used to be Metropolitan Stadium.

  1. I was following you until you quoted the dirty foriegn Christmas song at the end. Also, snow is cold. I don’t approve. However, I will trade you a half inch of it for the 1/2 inch of ice we had fall on us last Wednesday, it is still covering everything except the roads. WTF? Can I get a little Kim Jong Il in KY please, he will warm this motha up!

  2. The supreme leader would forbid the falling of ANY more precipitation ! Snow , rain, ice, the tears of a large sensitive giant. All banished.
    Now prepare for military exercises to showcase the might of the BEST Korea! Fire cannons!

  3. Oh by the way all that snow is MADNESS.
    I’m not even there and my mind is already halfway to a tropical escape. Cabana boy holding pina colada optional.

  4. I don’t even watch AMERICAN football (yeah, that’s right. In our household FOOTBALL refers to SOCCER! Tell on me to the Un-American committee why don’t ya?!) and I just saw that BEARS won. I thought they suck. So you have my condolences.

    Wow. This comment of mine is full of the holiday spirit isn’t it? Sorry babe! In lieu of curling up with a good book, I am PACKING. Or actually, RESISTING packing.

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