The moon on the crest of the new fallen snow, gives the luster of midday to objects below…

There’s a full moon shining over our snowy landscape tonight, wrapping the yard in a ghostly white. The temperature is somewhere in the single digits, and the outdoor rinks opened three nights ago. To think that this isn’t even winter yet. We still have two more nights before we hit the solstice, and our days begin growing longer. Until then, this is the season of the moon, floating above us in the dark ocean of stars, keeping watch over us while we sleep.

By Monday night though the snow clouds will be returning, so we will not see the total lunar eclipse. I have been lucky to see a few in my life, and they are always memorable. I can’t help but to look up at them and wonder what ominous events it must have portended for a people who lived by the cycles of the moon. But in our electric age, we carry on oblivious to the cycles of nature, so long as they don’t interfere with our TV reception.

I find it so hard to stay awake these days. The nights are so long, and my bed is so warm, that I feel like I am sinking deep into a bottomless ocean of sleep. When the alarm sounds in the morning, I am like a deep sea diver rising from the depths. Wake up too quickly, and I will suffer a case of the bends.

Christmas is approaching quickly now. This week will be a whirlwind of final preparations, Christmas parties, and holiday get togethers. Thankfully, I am on a 2 week break from teaching so I should be able to spend the week correcting papers, and tying up loose ends at work. Evenings will continue to hold basketball and hockey games and practices, and we will struggle to eat our meals together. How I wish sometimes that we could just unplug our lives, and sit around a campfire, looking up at the simplicity of a moonlit world.

May the peace of this season be yours, wherever you may be.

9 thoughts on “The moon on the crest of the new fallen snow, gives the luster of midday to objects below…

  1. I have mixed feelings about the holiday countdown. On the one hand there is the relief of being free from certain everyday obligations but there is an overwhelming feeling of never having enough time to get your ducks in a row before D day.
    Then I get to go to mass where the ancient fire and brimstone priest gives me coordinates & departure times for the express train I’ll be boarding to hell. That’s always fun.

    • Time to look for a new parish. One with a hippie, guitar playing, dope smoking type priest that talks about boarding the “Peace Train” to heaven. Life is too short for aging pedophiles preaching fire and brimstone to cover up their guilt ridden consciences.

      That’s the true meaning of Christmas Charlie Brown.

  2. If the snowpocalypse of 2010 continues, all of us here on the frozen tundra will find ourselves huddled around the fire with our families. (Drawing straws to see who gets eaten first)

    I tried one of those hippie Catholic churches once. Nightmares, I tell you. Hugging hippie nightmares.

    (Who killed Mr. Moonlight? …. or am I the only Bauhaus fan who noticed the title change?)

    • Our current church is pretty retro-grouchy, with not a hippie in sight. But it’s our parish, and it’s where the kids go to school so we put up with it.

      Being from New York, it took me a long time to adjust to all the touchy feely stuff out here. Like holding hands during the Our Father. What’s up with that? I thought that was a protestant thing. Catholics aren’t supposed to touch each other except with the lights off.

  3. Beautifully written.

    I’m with you on the deep sea sleeping. Alarm clocks and biological clocks just should not mix. And sheets in the morning are so full of warmth, I see no reason to move out of the bed.

    Oh yeah, bills. I have bills. Must work. Damn.

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