Not a creature was stirring…

Scene:  Two dogs curled up on the living room couch, in front of the lit Christmas tree

Maggie: So tell me again how this works?

Moxie: It’s like this… a fat guy in a red suit crawls out of the fireplace shortly after midnight, holding a big bag full of presents.

Maggie: Get out! You’re making this up.

Moxie: Seriously, he comes every year on this day. He brings these presents for all the peoples, and he puts them under the tree. That’s why the peoples put that shiny tree in the house.

Maggie: So that’s what the tree is for. I was afraid they going to get some sqwerlz. I don’t like sqwerlz. They creep me out.

Moxie: Then, after he’s put the presents under the tree, he takes the milk and cookies from the mantle, and he drinks the milks and gives us the cookies.

Maggie: Really? He gives us the cookies?

Moxie: Yeah, if you’re quiet, and don’t bark at him, he will scratch you behind the ears and give you the cookie.

Maggie: Does he make us sit, and shake?

Moxie: Nope.

Maggie: How about roll over?

Moxie: Uh-uh.

Maggie: Sweet! Why does he do this again?

Moxie: Who knows? I just know he gives us the cookies.

Maggie: I love cookies.

Moxie: You love any kind of food.

Maggie: I have a very active metabolism.

Moxie: What did you eat when you lived in the swamp?

Maggie: I don’t know, sticks, rocks, dead stuff.

Moxie: Really?

Maggie: Yeah, whatever smelled good. But nothing was as tasty as cookies.

Moxie: You got that right.

Maggie: (Yawning) You know something? I really like it here. I hope they let me stay.

Moxie: Yeah, I’m kind of glad the peoples brought you home this summer. I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s been kinda nice having you around.

Maggie: (Putting her head down and closing her eyes) I’m getting sleepy. Will you wake me up when the cookie guy comes?

Moxie: Sure.

Maggie: Good night Mox.

Moxie: Goodnight Mags.


11 thoughts on “Not a creature was stirring…

  1. And the mystery of how Santa can eat all the cookies from every house on the planet and not puke in the stockings at every other house is revealed!

    Merry Christmas Moxie and Maggie! I wish I had your metabolisms!

    • Not only are they nicer, but they are a lot cheaper to raise. If only they could take care of us in old age, and stop chewing on my shoes I’d say they were a better option.

  2. Merry Christmas, today my dog got sick but he’s all better now.
    That is all I am physically and mentally capable of typing today.

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