Have you seen this mug?

Missing: One White Castle Coffee Mug. If found please contact http://www.20Prospect.wordpress.com

No, of course you haven’t. That’s a silly question to ask the Interwebz. In keeping with the Spirit of the Holidays, someone stole the coffee cup out of my office sometime between Christmas Eve, and Monday morning.

It’s a funny thing for someone to take, but I have found that theft in the office is usually on the small scale. No one steals a laptop. Instead they take a stapler.

Except of course, the folks that steal millions of dollars from the shareholders everyday. We call those folks ‘Wall Street”.

Why on earth anyone would want my three year old White Castle Mug is beyond me. Maybe it’s a collectible? The only other thing I have ever had stolen from work is a pair of socks and a towel out of my gym bag. Those most definitely were not collectibles.

So for the time being I have brought the John Deere tractor mug out of retirement. At least until I decide on a new mug for the office. It will not be a 20 Prospect mug. I most certainly want to keep my dark corporate overlords unaware of the presence of this humble little piece of subversive behavior.

Mmmm... cookies...


17 thoughts on “Have you seen this mug?

  1. I didn’t even know White Castle had coffee mugs! Now I want to steal one too. I’ve stolen coffee mugs from coffee shops before (shhh, don’t tell anyone) but never off someone’s desk. The nerve!

    • Yeah, I’m kinda bummed. It was a sweet coffee mug. They were selling them a few years back as part of some promotion, so maybe it is a collectible? Or maybe someone just really likes White Castle.

    • Totally staged. I actually keep my desk covered with papers, charts, and graphs to try to look busy. I find that occasional curses, and heavy sighs also helps create the illusion of work.

  2. Screw the coffee mug. I would have been the first one to take that dented up Stanley thermos. It looks like you could make a bomb with it.

    • My Stanley thermos is a licensed weapon in 7 states. Someday I will share the story of how I fought my way out of a saloon full of drunk and angry cowboys in Montana, with nothing but my Stanley Thermos and a copy of the New Yorker.

    • In my universe, White Castle Mugs would be like Faberge Eggs. However, extensive research on eBay has revealed that $12 is the asking price.

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