Why I Love Slack Time

I am in a black mood this morning. The weather here has taken a turn for the worse, and after a month and a half of cold temps and above average snowfall, we are now getting 40 degrees and pissy rain. I hate rain in the winter. There is nothing in this world that I hate more than rain in the winter. It ruins the snow, and spoils the ice rink, leaving you with absolutely no outlet for your pent up energy and frustration.

Part of the reason I love Minnesota is that when it gets cold it stays cold, and the sun still shines. That’s why I could never move back to WNY, or Western PA, or Ohio, or any of those places where the temperature fluctuates back and forth above the freezing mark. I spent 20 years of my life trudging through sludge, under dark gray permaclouds, fighting off sinus infections. I don’t ever want to do that again. Give me – 10F and sunshine, and I am a happy, happy man. I’d move even further north if I could.

When the weather forecast for this week was still waffling between rain and snow, my boss stopped by to tell me that if the weather was bad I should just work from home. It was a sweet gesture, but I politely declined. Then I asked her if I could just screw off from work instead. It would be a lot more relaxing than trying to work with the family, and 2 dogs cooped up inside on a rainy day.

So here I am. I had big plans for this holiday break. I was going to get caught up on all the grading that I had been putting off in the run up to Christmas. Then I was going to use this time to reflect, and put together some thoughtful, and heart rending posts on life. Instead I have spent most of my time cruising the interwebz, day dreaming, and goofing off with co-workers. Forget managing, and teaching, these are my true talents.

And when I don’t have co-workers around to goof off with? Why then I hold email conversations like this with friends, in response to yesterday’s post about my White Castle Mug being stolen out of my office.

Bella – Good thing Burger Meat isn’t rare (Link to eBay auction of White Castle Mugs)

Me – AAAIIIEEEE!!!!! That’s it! It IS a rare collectible!

Bella – If $12 on ebay is any indication of rareness…..me thinks it be a trick. Maybe someone will start sending you ransom pictures of your mug in exotic places. Or maybe the cleaning people broke it….

Me – Just as long as they don’t email me photos of someone peeing in it. I’m not real good about washing it out.

Me – Hey, I like this one even better! (Link to vintage White Castle Mug)

Me – Or this… (Link to Politically Incorrect White Castle promotion) I sense a new marketing campaign coming on… Me Big Chief. Buy Only White Castle.

Bella – Curious. I’ve never had a white castle slider, so I am at a distinct disadvantage here…but, I fail to see the connection between those little square burgers and the indigenous peoples of native America.

Me – I believe the Indians brought them to the first thanksgiving.

Bella – Now I understand why you bring them to office pot lucks.

Me – I’m all about tradition.

Bella – How was it stolen? Did you forget to turn on the infrared sensors and spy cameras in your office? I know you have them in there so you can practice your Katherine Z-J moves.

Me – Me Big Chief. No need Camera. Just use Tomahawk.

Yes dear shareholders. That is how I manage your company for you. Don’t worry, the dividend check is in the mail, and we will get back to work on Monday morning. With or without my coffee mug.


17 thoughts on “Why I Love Slack Time

  1. Email conversations are the only reason I go to work. Well, that and all the bills I have. If I were closer to Minnesota though, I’d totally hold your mug for ransom.

    And tell me, it’s actually sunny in Minnesota? I haven’t seen the sun here in Michigan since just before Halloween, and I don’t think it shall return until Easter. Sad face.

    • Unfortunately, at the moment it’s as dark as the little black cloud above my head. However, when that arctic air comes sweeping in from Siberia the clouds freeze, and fall to the ground, leaving only blue sky, and sunshine.

  2. As much as I bitch, at least we have sunshine here…that blinds me as it reflects off the ass tons of snow piled everywhere. Grumble. I’m not sure that black cloud is as little as you think. I think Patty is still under it and it might well be crowding my area, too.

  3. i’m peeing in your mug now, ya know to sanitize it since you never wash the damn thing. you’re welcome.

    yes, we must be off to dufmanno island – we can’t let our elly suffocate under the black cloud, too.

  4. Some random thoughts … 40 degrees and “pissy rain” may just be about the worst weather possible. Seriously.

    Screwing off from work is a much better option than working from home.

    Finally … did you bid on any of the White Castle mugs on Ebay?

    • I thought about bidding on the White Castle mugs, but then I read Patty’s comment, and I’m not sure I can bring myself to drink from a used mug anymore.

    • The key is putting a little Anti-freeze in the system so the pipes don’t freeze and burst.

      That and Scotch.

      Actually, just the Scotch.

  5. North of you, we have -30 degrees. That’s the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit. But never, ever do we have rain in winter. Thank goodness, it would be car crash central.

  6. Did you buy that mug? I hope the person who stole yours breaks his teeth on it, or chokes, for just a half second, enough to get jolted out of shitheadness, on a White Castle slider. A good mug is a best friend.

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