Ik ben een groot beroemdheid in holland

The 20 Prospect plan for world domination is continuing. What plan for world domination you ask? Why my plan to become the undisputed king of the interwebz obviously!

It began with this humble little blog and my six devoted minions readers, and has now grown to include the following:

A Twitter Account!

A Zazzle Store!

A Tumblr Page! (link coming soon, whenever I figure out how to link to it from the sidebar)

Over the past two years I have seen my fervent disciples readership blossom from 6 to 12 regular readers. And that doesn’t even take into account the ginormous amount of visitors from Denmark! (Hint, write posts about Danish beer, and they will descend upon you like a flock of birds dropping right the bleep out of the sky)

So dear Interwebz, it is with much fanfare that I announce that yesterday I became a Twitter phenomenon with the Dutch. (You know, Holland. The guys with the wooden shoes, and the tulips and windmills. No, that’s not Denmark, it’s the Netherlands. Sheesh, don’t you people know anything?)

How you might ask, did I suddenly become bigger than Heineken? Well for one, Heineken is a pretty awful beer, but that doesn’t fully explain it. No, you may have noticed that yesterday the topic GROTE VUURBUL JONGUH was trending on Twitter.

What you may ask is Grote Vuurbul Jonguh? Well, I had the same question. I figured out the “great fireball” part, but the Jonguh had me stumped. (Sorry Google Translator – FAIL)

So I tweeted the following into the vast empty space of the Twitterverse…

GROTE VUURBAL JONGUH ! I have absolutely no idea what this means, but it’s Dutch and it’s trending, so I’ll post it and try to look cool.

And I went back to work and thought no more about it. After work, when I got to my classroom, I sat down to have something to eat as I waited for the students to arrive. That’s when I noticed that I had notices from Twitter that I had gained 8 new followers.

What struck me as odd, is that they all had Dutch surnames. (Now eight may not seem like many, but keep in mind that up until yesterday I only had 30 followers on Twitter SO LOOK OUT SHAQUILLE ONEAL, I’M COMING FOR YOU!)

That’s when I opened Twitter, and clicked on @mentions and discovered that my simple little throwaway tweet that wasn’t even funny, had suddenly gone viral in Holland. It had over 100 Retweets, and suddenly my Twitter page was filling up with Dutch people saying things like “LOL” (which I believe is Dutch for “Little Old Lady”) and BWAHAHA which apparently a Dutch greeting of some sort.

I also had many friendly and helpful Dutch speaking people from all over the world explain what the hell GROTE VUURBAL JONGUH was all about.

Apparently, there was a huge explosion and fire at a Dutch chemical plant outside of Rotterdam, and the Dutch authorities had put out an alert to folks downwind to stay inside until the toxic smoke had passed. The Dutch, being unflappable people who find humor in odd situations, made a connection between the explosion and a sketch from “New Kids” which is a sort of Saturday Night Live type comedy, involving an exploding barbeque grill, and a guy that remarks something along the lines of “Whoa, awesome fireball dude!” (Grote vurrbul jonguh). So some brilliant Dutch person put that into a Twitter topic, and suddenly all of the Netherlands was Tweeting it.

So there you have it. My little retweet tickled some funny bones, and the Dutch took huge pride in having a Dutch phrase suddenly become the #1 trending topic on Twitter. Now I am like some sort of Dutch Internet Star! My twitter followership has now exploded to 40 people!

I find it all pretty amusing, and a testament to the wackiness of the interwebz. When Andy Warhol predicted that we would all someday get our 15 minutes of fame, I never would have expected all fifteen of mine to occur in the Netherlands while I wasn’t paying attention.

I wonder if I can have a do over?

And as if that wasn’t enough, yesterday the kind obviously blind and generous sarcastic WickedShawn nominated me in the Hottest Daddy Blogger categories for the Bloggers Choice Awards! Irony is alive and well!

So if you have a moment please click on the link over here ========>
and vote for me. I am currently over 50 votes behind a real estate blogbot. My therapist would like you to help my self esteem here people.

To top this all off, I also received my first HATER tweet! I was called an attention whore (aandachtsorgel) by some internet troll!

Mom would be so proud.

18 thoughts on “Ik ben een groot beroemdheid in holland

  1. I read “testament to the wackiness” as “testes to the wackiness.” That’s what happens when you become a superstar. People speculate about your junk.

    I can’t register for that blogger award booshit which sucks balls because I’d really like to vote for Vapid, too. So maybe I’ll just go nominate you for some shit at Studio 30 and vote there. *sigh*

    • I didn’t realize that Bloggers Choice Awards still had a restraining order against you for that incident at last years awards banquet. Some people sure have no sense of humor.

    • I’m not sure what the Dutch word for “fart” is, but if it’s the same as their words for “giant fireball” I wouldn’t want to be downwind of that either.

  2. My Twitter popularity exploded (into the double digits) when I retold an old urban myth about a woman who died from being overly intimate with a lobster in Ely’s comments on bugginword.com.
    We all have our own little niche.

    • That was you? That story on Elly’s comments started one of the top 5 memes of all time! Duffmano still can hear the word “shellfish” without slipping into a hysterics, and I still can’t bring myself to eat Shrimp or Lobsters. I am honored to know you.

  3. See what happens when I release the Danes?
    Anyway, it was Elizabeth that birthed the tale/tail of the crustacean relations.
    It started as a horror story of a woman who went a step to far and by the end of the comments thread we were all wearing mining helmets, carrying incubators and flashlights, & contemplating impregnation by sea/alien lifeforms.
    I thought it would be the end of me.
    I’m voting for you and I already tried to cheat and vote four hundred times for Vapid

  4. Well. This is SO educational. Didn’t know that there are rednecks in Europe and hey, they suffered through the 80s too! But I am such a EuroWhore. Now the mullet is COOL for me again seeing them speaking Dutch.

    Congrats on your Twitter fame. That’s pretty awesome. You can be like Josephine Baker: she was very popular in Europe and she rode her fame back to the US.

    By the way, is it just me? Doesn’t the guy on the Pink scooter look like Mr. Jack Bauer?

      • She clearly hovers over the Netherlands in her free time. Sad to know she is still being chased down by the Grote Vuurbul. Although, seriously, that is the perfect name for an archnemesis in a comic book version of her life! She would love it. (btw, it’s great grandma, grandma was too busy with Tom Jones and Elvis to watch for fireballs.)

        • OK, just so I have this straight:

          Great Grandma Wicked – Chased by giant fireballs
          Grandma Wicked – Partied with Hank Sr. and mid 50’s rock stars
          Grandma Wicked – Swore that you came from a long & distinguished line of witches.

    • Should I put out a call to my Dutch friends to have them check and see how she is doing? Perhaps she’s just passed out in a bar in Amsterdam, sleeping off the buzz from the smoke.

      No, I wasn’t referring to smoke from the grote vuurbul.

      • I emailed and complained about having to get information on her from other sources and attached this post. This is what she emailed back:

        OMG! We were driving by that grote vuurbul when it was exploding. Biggest fire EVA! We were miles away but we could see the explosions and the smoke cloud was HUGE. I haven’t personallty exploded anything while I have been here (unless you count my lower intestine but let’s don’t (dutch stomach flu… fun fun fun)).

        Uh, huh… And it all comes back to sleeping off the buzz from the smoke.

        • So we have established that she was in the area of the grote vuurbul. Circumstantial evidence? Yes. But as they say, where there is smoke there is vuur.

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