Further proof of the decline of American Higher education

As if the decline in our once great educational system wasn’t already apparent, I received news last night that one of my academic papers was accepted for publication in a scholarly journal. I would tell you which journal, but I would feel guilty repaying their favor by dragging down their reputation.

To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I would never want to be published in any publication willing to publish me. I have high standards.

I had planned to write another hilarious post today about the slapstick comedy that is my life, but that was before I realized that I was going to have to rewrite my paper to make some revisions as suggested by the editors. (Surprisingly, changing my name was not one of them)

As I mentioned yesterday, I am stuck in the midwinter doldrums, and with work picking up again, and two weeks of teaching left, I feel as gray as the blanket of clouds today. So don’t be surprised if I break out some reruns during the next few weeks, just to try to give the appearance of having something worthwhile to say.


10 thoughts on “Further proof of the decline of American Higher education

  1. You really are a much better human being than I am.
    It would have been plastered all over my blog with nasty footnotes and a big picture of Kim Jong-il in a diaper pointing at the name of the publication before ordering it shot down in a show of military might.
    I guess this is why no one ever wants to publish the rantings of a would be dictator with ownership of a small island in French Polynesia who can’t spell.

    • Pffft! I feel like I just punk’d them into publishing the pseudo-intellectual ramblings of a guy impersonating a professor. Seriously, I am in no way qualified to be published in a professional journal. I don’t have a PhD., and I have never even studied on the topic of my paper. There was no “research” involved at all, and if it hadn’t have been a “double blind” review, they would have taken one look at my credentials, and thrown it in the trash.

      I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in “Catch me if you can”. Just be thankful I decided to impersonate a professor, and not a brain surgeon, or airline pilot. The odds of accidentally killing an innocent bystander are much lower.

  2. Oh also, congratulations on actually getting something published. I keep forgetting that in addition to waxing poetic over here you also teach people and have a big brain that can do mind bending calculations!
    Edits suck, but better to be the author instead of the editor.

    • I can’t even edit my own blog posts, I’d be lost as a real editor.

      As for getting published, unfortunately the remuneration was just $1.50 shy of being enough to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Which is to say that journals pay about the same as blogs do.

      Thankfully, my job impersonating a business manager is a lot more lucrative than the ones where I impersonate a professor, and an author.

  3. [ ]

    First off, I call bullshit on your “faking” things. You are clearly an eloquent and articulate writer when you are BLOGGING, so getting published would be going to the next level.

    Take your credit, man, you deserve it.

    I mean, I just wrote a post about soap in my butt crack. Do you see the difference here?? Do you?

    And unless the edit was a complete re-write, then both the journal and the reviewer deemed it good enough to publish… so…

    [ ]

    Wow, I’m tired and bitchy. Goodnight Tom, and congrats! 😉

  4. congrats!!!! this is well-deserved, i don’t care what you say. well, i do care what you say that’s why i keep coming back here, but you are a high standard – make that journal your bitch!

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