Local Boy Makes Good

OK, it’s more like local boy makes trouble…

A big thanks goes out to Ray Coniglio for putting one of my posts in today’s edition of the Batavia Daily News.

Click Here to Check it Out.

Thanks Ray!

And for any folks who have just made their way here from the Daily News, welcome. Please pull up a chair, while I put a fresh pot of coffee on. Help yourself to the stories along the sidebar=====>>>>>

and no matter how much the characters may resemble you, rest assured it is entirely a coincidence. Just ask my lawyer.


18 thoughts on “Local Boy Makes Good

  1. Congratulations!

    Since you will be having a stream more respectable citizens visiting your blog, I will NOT leave the URL to my website lest that they be scandalized. 😉 And I will from now on watch my language.

    *Holding my breath*

    Ok. That’s kind of hard.

    Hey hey, she said Hard.

  2. I am so glad they chose that post for the Daily News. One of your best works. I truly enjoyed reliving your childhood memories of your father with you.

  3. One of your best writings. I am so glad they chose that post for the Daily News. I truly enjoyed reliving your childhood memories of your father with you.

  4. Hey Tom,

    I read this yesterday, but only now do I have the right moment to comment. What was interesting about your story was I found myself comparing my own memories to yours. (No, I’m not going to talk about those) It was interesting because you way of saying things just tends to trigger these deep, emotional responses. I ended up doing a lot of writing myself last night, so thank you indeed.

    It’s official. I’m a fan. I want to buy your book. Do you have an agent? I think it’s time.


    • Thanks Rick,
      Memories are funny things. They like to shake loose at the oddest times.

      If you know any agents, send them my way. I’l put you down for an advance copy;-)

    • I gave them the name “Mary Joyce” back when my first post was published. I forgot that they had shortened it to Mary, not knowing she goes by Joyce. I meant to correct that.

      Don’t worry. It was the first thing she pointed out to me.

      • Of course she did. This must have made her weep. It made me weep. I really loved your Dad. He was always so kind to me when I used to watch David.

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