Happy World Nutella Day!

Today we celebrate one of the most overlooked Holiday’s in America. A holiday that is celebrated in all corners of the globe, but for some xenophobic reason, has yet to receive the attention it deserves in the United States. I am speaking of course, about World Nutella Day.

No, that's not champagne. It's Ginger Ale. I just thought it would look classier in a wine glass.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a World Nutella Day.

It is amazing to me that something so integral to our lives as Nutella, can be totally ignored by the mainstream media. In fact, it wasn’t until this week that I learned of the existence of World Nutella Day from Sister Merry Hellish. So in the interest of raising awareness of World Nutella Day 2011, I thought I would devote a post to the traditions surrounding this celebration.

Five Little Known Facts About Nutella

1.) Nutella is recognized as an aphrodisiac among the indigenous Bajau peoples on the island of Borneo.

2.) If placed on a cut, or a burn, Nutella will help speed the healing process and prevent scar tissue from forming.

3.) Nutella has been scientifically proven to remove wrinkles if spread onto a person’s body, and removed with the tongue of a trained Nutella Masseuse.

3.) Nutella was the gift that the fourth Wise Man was bringing to the infant Jesus, before he made a wrong turn, and got lost in Damascus.

4.) The smile on Mona Lisa’s face, was from the Nutella and Peanut Butter sandwich that she had just finished for lunch.

5.) On the Eve of World Nutella Day it is customary for people to leave a jar of Nutella, and a bag of chocolate chip cookies on the mantle for the Nutella Fairy and her helper Elves.

So wherever you may be, I hope you are able to take a moment to thank the divine being of your choice for the wondrous blessing of Nutella.


16 thoughts on “Happy World Nutella Day!

  1. Those would each make great commercials. Nutella should sponsor you! Nutella is how I got my kids to eat peanut butter — one of my favorite foods they didn’t much care for. If we ever have another daughter (which is physically impossible, but just if), I would name her Nutella.

    • I should probably have mentioned that this was not a paid endorsement. However if the good folks at Nutella would offer me my weight in Nutella I could easily be bought. I’m easy like that.

  2. All of the things you’ve said about that product seems like witchcraft.

    However, I will probably consider purchasing some the next time I am out.

    …you win this round.

  3. You drink during the day just like the rest of us do. Don’t try to deny it.

    This entry solves the mystery behind the four naked people lined up at my door completely covered in Nutella.
    No one should have to suffer the cruel ravages of time like that. My tongue and I better get to work.

  4. That’s what I’ve been doing! Studying to be the Nutella Masseusse to the stars!

    Do forgive my lateness, as I had my head stuck in a jar of Nutella and spent the weekend fighting the firefighters who tried to take it off.

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