Radio Free 20 Prospect

Dante was onto something when he made the 9th circle of hell out of ice. Perhaps the weather is punishment for our sins, but right now I feel like we are frozen in a block of ice. To be honest, -7F is not THAT cold by Minnesota standards, so I feel like a Wussy complaining about it. And yet, complain I do.

I have found that I am not alone in the sentiment that the older I get the less I like winter. When I was a child it was my favorite season. I used to cry when it wasn’t cold enough to snow, or sulk for days when our snow turned to rain and melted away. Silly me.

So let’s keep the blues at bay with another night of 20 Prospect Radio!

Come along with me as I journey back to the mid 90’s. I am 20 something years old, and sitting home on a Saturday night while the future Mrs. 20 Prospect is working a night shift at the hospital. It’s a muggy summer night in St. Paul, and the open windows, and whirring fan are doing nothing to make it any more bearable. I turn off the lights in my little smelly one bedroom apartment, and go to the fridge for a cold beer. Beads of condensation run down the sides of the bottle, as I pick up the remote, and turn on the radio…

Breeders – Divine Hammer

Matthew Sweet – Divine Intervention

Liz Phair – F@ck and Run

Belly – Slow Dog

Juliana Hatfield – Ugly

Built to Spill – Big Dipper

Guided by Voices – I am a Scientist

Jack Logan – Female Jesus

Drivin’ n Cryin – Honeysuckle Blue

Cracker – Sweet Potato

Reverend Horton Heat – Wiggle Stick

BR5-49 – Cherokee Boogie

Dinosaur Junior – The Wagon

Sebadoh – Rebound

Fugazi – Waiting Room

P.J. Harvey – Sheela-na-gig

Screaming Trees – I nearly lost you

Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots

14 thoughts on “Radio Free 20 Prospect

  1. Are you absolutely sure we didn’t hang out in NC with matching combat boots, tie-dyed tights, and purple hair? It’s like you snatched one of my mix tapes right out of my car.

    Also? Way to pick the right Sonic Youth song. And a stellar Liz Phair track.

  2. I am so very confused. I believe somehow I have skipped an entire decade… So technically I am only 30: if you did not go through them, those years should not count against you, right?

  3. PJ Harvey has always had my heart.
    Also props for my beloved Guided by Voices. Hot Freaks never gets old, like me:)
    I do love me some Phair Fuck and run but you also have to give it up for the raw explosive power of Supernova.

    “your eyelashes sparkle like guilded grass
    and you lips are sweet and slippery like a cherubs bare wet ass”

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