20 Prospect Live at Budokan!

The Ginza

Yes, I am kicking off my 2011 World Blog Tour in Japan. I’ve always been big in Japan. Not as big as I am in Denmark unfortunately, but still big. For the next week I will be blogging live from Japan and Korea, as I take the stage and bask in the adulation of thousands of screaming fans!

OK, dozens of bored and sleepy readers to be exact.

So climb aboard the 20 Prospect tour bus, and let’s show the world how to rock blog!

Actually, it’s not a world blogging tour. It’s a business trip. My Dark Corporate Overlords have sent me to collect our tribute from our vassals in East Asia. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. These people just don’t oppress themselves. Keeping your foot on the necks of the downtrodden and exploited is hard work, but it pays well. Not as well as prostitution, but close.

So come along with me as I squeeze into the middle seat on the 747, and spend the next 13 hours trying not to touch anything, or contract any communicable diseases on the plane.

iPod – Check

Kindle – Check

Felix Unger Blindfold – Check

Neck Pillow – Check

Mints – Check

OK, we’re ready for take off.

Excuse me! Ma’am, can I get a glass of box wine to wash down these Tylenol PM’s with?

Business travel is so glamorous!!!!

Sayonara! See you in Japan!

17 thoughts on “20 Prospect Live at Budokan!


    I wish I had known. I would have sent you the 10 year old copy of Tokyo Pink Guide that we have! LOL. Well, everything is online now anyway, right? Of course, my bad, you have NOT looked yet, you good boy. 😉 I will be flying through Tokyo to Taipei on Friday. Perhaps we will cross paths in the sky.

  2. Fuck.

    Everyone is going some where and I am home eating pasta and jar sauce doctored with cream and vodka.

    Oh by the way, fuck the tylenol PM. Next time ask your doc for the blue xanax. One pill, one glass of wine and see you over the rainbow.

    P.S. You don’t really get high from that but you do get nice and relaxed and sleepy.

  3. Japan, huh? Nice. Though I suppose since it is business, you won’t get to see the fabled hot tubbing monkeys of Hokkaido or the awesome Ise Shrine in Honshu.

    Have a safe and, if not germ free, germ mastered trip.

      • Did you find it? There was magnificent National Geographic coverage of them. And it is “hot springs” not “hot tubs,” but who could resist the word play?

        Evidently, these monkeys had lived near these hot springs since the dawn of the world, and then, within human memory, one of them discovered how good it felt to soak in the hot water, and that one taught the others.

        (They might have copied humans—which makes more sense, since humans came to the area much later.)


  4. Don’t forget who makes his home in Tokyo bay!!

    Have fun, don’t get sick and jet on over to N. Korea when you are done so you can help me point and nod approvingly at produce and military troops.

    • I know. I am always bummed when I come to Japan and Godzilla doesn’t decide to go on a rampage. I feel cheated. Like when I go to San Francisco and there isn’t a huge earthquake.

      I leave for Korea on Wednesday. Better get that pointer finger ready!

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