In the Aeroplane over the Sea

Another day of planes, trains and automobiles.

And buses.

Can’t forget the buses.

We took the express train to Narita, to catch our flight to Seoul. It was our lucky day as we were upgraded to business class aboard Korean Airlines. It’s a shame it’s only a 2 hour flight, I would really appreciate it if we could sit in the lap of luxury for the flight back to the US. Hell, I’d appreciate just leaning or rubbing up against luxury. A lap dance from Luxury is not necessary.

It’s only noon, or I’d probably be taking advantage of the free drinks, but to be honest, after the train ride, and the McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder I ate in the airport I’m feeling a little green. The older I get the easier I get motion sickness. So of course, I’m typing on my laptop now because THAT will make me feel better.

When we land at Incheon, we still have over a hour bus ride through Seoul traffic to get to our hotel. This trip will end up eating the better part of the day, but I do appreciate the downtime. No customers to bow and exchange cards with today, just pretty Korean Airlines flight attendants to smile at me. Not to sound like the stereotypical western male who lusts after Asian women. No, I’m not like that. I lust after ALL types of women. I’d hate for any race, or nationality to feel under appreciated.

I’m KIDDING! I’m happily married with a daughter that is closer in age to these women, than I am. Holy crap, that’s a really disturbing thought. Excuse me while I mourn the loss of my youth and virility…

OK, all better now. Let’s change the subject shall we?

As whirlwind as these one week trips to Asia can be, I still prefer to get in and get the work over with, so I can get home again. Business travel lost its luster years ago. For someone that was practically raised in the back seat of a car, I never thought the day would come when I would say I was tired of traveling. Now I have trouble being gone more than one or two days. It tears me up to see the kids crying when I leave for these long trips. I know I shouldn’t complain, many people would love to travel to such exotic places as I have been lucky enough to visit. I’m just ready to hang it up and let someone else enjoy the experiences now. I can be content sitting on my front porch rocking, and writing. Just as soon as I win the lottery or land that huge book deal I’m going to give it up. After that, it’ll just be family vacations, and the occasional book signing to lure me away from home.

So I will sign off as we start our descent into Seoul. I’ll try to paint some word pictures for you in the next few days to give you a sense of place. I’ve passed the halfway point on this trip and the days will start to speed up. I’ll be getting on the plane to head home before I know it.


8 thoughts on “In the Aeroplane over the Sea

  1. Avoid the club where Vulgar Display of Wealth works the pole. She’s a skank.
    I’m with ya on the ‘travel for work sucks’ bus but travel for sheer pleasure is still a big love of mine.

    Recently I interviewed someone and while they were prattling on about themselves I did a quick math calculation and realized I could have given birth to them AND their mother.
    That is all I have to say about that sad subject.

    Also, lock up your daughter and get a shotgun because my soon to be twelve year old looks like she’s seventeen and I’ve had to murder at least four men with misguided affections using only my wits and my axe.

    She’s still playing four square and skipping rope for Christs sake!

    I expect Descripto to send us a lush picture of his surroundings in Korea very soon.

    • I am looking into convents on Himalayan Mountain tops right now. If I find a good one I’ll be sure to pass along the contact information.

  2. flying in coach is the only place i can spend hundreds on a ticket and still feel like a peasant. i’m calling OSHA on your behalf to get you a comfortable environment on that long trip home. you’re welcome.

    • Honestly. I can’t believe any of these airlines would pass an OSHA inspection. I wouldn’t house livestock in conditions like your average coach class seat.

    • Clearly you’ve got to start frequenting better establishments. Perhaps you need to get outside of the Houston City limits.

      Also, be sure to bring along a roll of bills. I don’t think lap dancers are accepting credit cards yet.

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