Jet Lag

I woke in the long dead hours of the night, and lay staring at the clock, watching the red numbers click past like so many sheep, but sleep would not return. So I slipped quietly out of bed, and sat on the living room couch watching the snow fall outside, and the wind whip off of the roof. There in the dark of the night, crescents of snow formed around the edges of the roof, like sleep on the eyes of a giant, and the flakes glittered like falling diamonds in the streetlight. And so the hours slipped slowly by, as I sat watching the snow pile deeper on the lawn.

There is something unholy about being able to cross the world in a day. Sitting there in the dark, my bones ached with the hollowness of an exoskeleton, and my heart whistled like an empty shell, waiting for my soul to catch up to my body. Somewhere out there, in the swirls of snow, it was moving still across the cold wide ocean searching for its home.

I have been through this too many times to name. I will move through the days in a fog, and struggle through the nights in feverish thoughts, as I wait for my body and soul to reunite, and move back into phase like a generator as it searches for polarity, before electrons of life begin flowing like current through the circuits of my body and it comes back to life. Until then, I will sleep the days in semi-consciousness like Frankenstein’s creation stretched out upon the table waiting for lightning to bring me to life.

And so the snow swirls in curlicues of white outside my window, and I pull the blanket up around my chin, and lay my head against the pillow, and wait for morning.


20 thoughts on “Jet Lag

  1. I heard a good hard cage match can REALLY get the blood flowing and the life fires burning!
    Welcome home!
    Don’t worry, I’ve been hiding under a rock for 3 weeks cause someone stole my life essence and will to dress myself. I think it was a disgruntled holy spirit. When it came to the confirmation cake, I did not choose well:(

    • Don’t mess with the Paraclete! He’s one bad ass dove.

      You know, “The Paraclete” would make a great professional wrestling name. I can see the costume now. Kinda like Black Swan, but with a flamethrower!

  2. I know that feeling all to well, and certainly don’t miss it. I remember one particularly bad bout when the OJ trial was going on… at least I had something to watch on the ole TV. Rest well.

    • Thankfully, I usually only have to deal with international travel like this 2-3 times a year, or Mrs. 20 Prospect would most likely be in the market for a new husband.

  3. Well, if your soul runs into my sanity, which has been chased away by the disheveled state we encountered upon arrival at the store I was sent to “shape up” (read: totally and completely restructure in THREE DAYS) please have it come home. I actually miss it.

    The writing was beautiful, but it makes me wonder why you suffer from such serious jet lag. I always recover within 12 hours.

    • I’ve always been a slow learner. The same goes for my body clock I guess. Oddly enough, traveling east seems to be worse than flying west.

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  5. I read this post when I was combating massive jet lag and the line “There is something unholy about being able to cross the world in a day.” gripped me by the throat. “….waiting for my soul to catch up to my body” is such an awesome line; words failed me then, and words fail me now.

    I actually want to thank you for describing jet lag so accurately with such poetic images that I feel I am not fighting against something abstract but rather something that I can describe.

  6. I swear I read a book once that had something similar to your soul line. Something about it being tethered. Shit. It was an awesome book. What the fuck was it? Damnit, brain. Well anyway you should read it. It was good. Just dig it out of my brain with a rusty spoon, k?

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