Mother Jones would be furious

I made a conscious decision when I started this blog, that 20 Prospect would be a place for memories, and laughs, and not a political / social commentary style blog. Just like the real life 20 Prospect was for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with political blogs, just that I’m not a real political person, although I have some very strong feelings about certain things…

(wait for it… here it comes)

But today I am going to deviate from the norm and link to something that I feel hits the NAIL ON THE HEAD.

This article in Mother Jones sums up what has gone wrong with America in a few graphs, more succinctly than pages and pages of Od Ed pieces in the NY Times or Wall Street Journal.

Perhaps it resonates with me because I am a visual learner. I have to “see” something to really comprehend it, much in the same way I need to “see” a story when I am writing it. (Hence the comments about painting word pictures).

So, without wasting a whole lot of digital ink, here are a few of the key charts that get the point across on the growing disparity between the rich and the poor in America. As for Mother Jones, I’m not a regular reader. Well not since “Lou Cosmic’s” subscription ran out sometime in the early 80’s. (Lou is a story that Big Bruddah should tell someday…)

All hail the Dark Corporate Overlords

and their bobo's...

because "externalities" do feckin' matter

25 thoughts on “Mother Jones would be furious

  1. I am an email subscriber and real paper subscriber of Mother Jones…..(I know this doesn’t shock you in the least) and honestly, they aren’t outraged nearly enough! I am disgusted most by the first and last graphics. Especially since I know the 102% unemployment rate increase doesn’t even account for the thousands of people who they dropped off of the unemployment rolls when the extensions ended. Those people no longer factor into the magic numbers, but they didn’t magically FIND JOBS that week!

    Fortunately (??!!) my home equity has remained stable. I question this because I wonder if it’s because the clownhouse around the way has already caused it drag the bottom!

    The fact that corporate taxation is contributing a record low amount for a 60 year period, well…….shame on all of us for allowing such bullshit! Until we overthrow our government and riot in …….wait, what square would we stage our riot in, exactly? We have several, ya’ know!

    • Why do I get the impression you would have been at home in the Eastern Kentucky Coal fields a hundred years ago? Whew! I’m right there on the barricades with you sister! As for which square to pick, I’m flexible, just pick a warm one OK? Now let’s sing some union songs!

  2. I don’t think this is “political” at all. These graphs and this post represent a frightening scenario for most Americans.

    I agree with “Wicked Shawn.” I am most disgusted by the trends related to corporate taxes. Looking at that chart alone, I don’t see how anyone could be in favor of raising individual taxes.

  3. And you people wonder why I have a steel reinforced back yard compound, large capacity fire arms and a pending order for one of the first cloned Woolly Mammoths?
    I’m ready for the revolution, except I’ve made a promise to myself that when others are killing and eating those who have kept their oppressive wingtips pressed brutally on the throats of the working man I will abstain and groom my new pet.
    These graphs confirm what we already know but they will be helpful to have plastered on the bunker walls after outrage changes the landscape of our country.

    things stay the same and all dissent is wiped out. Only the rich shall remain. How boring.

  4. i try not to think about the absurd disparity between CEO and corporate executive salaries and those of the workers because i’m going to blow a fucking gasket!!!! it is what’s wrong with the economy. none of these fuckers is doing anything that great to warrant the kind of compensation they get. in fact, they’re running businesses into the ground (auto, banking execs) and still rewarding themselves like this!!! and giving 2% raises to the rest of the workforce. then they’re keeping all of this money, not paying taxes and not stimulating the economy (luxury cars, second homes, etc among the few doesn’t stimulate the economy). they should be ashamed of themselves. and something should be done about this.

  5. Dufmanno Island offers a reprieve from all this.
    We use the barter system. I’ll trade you a freshly grown tomato for your well stitched fur hat.
    We also kill people we don’t like but that’s neither here nor there.

      • What kind of unhinged savage would kill and skin a foofy bird?!
        They are rare exotic and sensitive animals!!

        New law.

        On Dufmanno Island no one will harm or caused to be harmed the mascot of our great and plentiful nation.

        Now where are my troop lines and ear of corn to point at?

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    • It’s alright. I think most of us would agree, if forced to choose between renewing your subscription to Mother Jones, or Snail Porn Monthly, the choice is clear.

  7. My. Oh. My.

    Way to rant without the histrionics. More effective that way.

    As some of you know, I am a student of history. The current scene in America is highly reminiscent of various pre-fascist states. In three countries in the 1930s, Germany, Italy, and Japan, the fascists won: Their method? Combine government and business, but for “business” read certain select (big, very big) businesses.

    So the next time you hear “free enterprise” and “capitalism” conflated, kindly, spit. These boys are playing a different game than that.

  8. I love saying this line in my head whenever I come across some rampant display of undeserved sense of entitlement (which unfortunately is quite often these days): “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

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