This post brought to you by Droid

There are some days I swear I would leave for work in my PJ’s if I deviated from my routine. This is one of them.

Standing in. Line at 6am waiting to get thru airport security I realized that my laptop was still on my desk in the office.


Thankfully I have my trusty Droid, so the world will not have to suffer from the tragedy of a day without drivel.

You’re welcome.

I’m off to San Jose to rub elbows with the tech crowd again and pretend I have any clue how these new fangled phone thingies work. Luckily I have had 21 years hiding my ignorance from customers, so they will never know how clueless I really am.

See you in CA


18 thoughts on “This post brought to you by Droid

  1. I wish I was in California.
    Envy prevents me from leaving a customarily well thought out comment that pertains to the information in your post.
    The idea of warm sunshine, blue skies and soaring temperatures is making me unable to function.

    • This is where I’m supposed to re assure you that it’s not really that nice. Except I am sitting in the sun waiting for a bus and SWEET JESUS is it nice here!!! I’m never going home again! You all need to move to CA STAT!

      • You are hurting my feelings and now I’m going to have to blow California up when I take over North Korea AND Dufmanno Island.
        Actually I HAVE thought of moving to California but everybody is so nice I would be jettisoned as soon as I started talking so I suppose all this is just sour grapes on my part.

  2. Years ago when we still only had paper tickets for airplanes (remember that???) I got to the airport (75 minutes from home) and found out I’d brought the wrong ticket with me. yeah, that was fun.

    safe travels.

    • Did that too.


      Of course plane only had 2 seats back then, so the pilot landed in the street in front of my house so I could run inside and pick it up.

  3. ahhh another seasoned imposter. i’m over 20 years hiding my ignorance too. it’s so painful. for all parties. please beam sunshine to me. please. i need a charlie sheen sort of revival.

  4. Californian’s are too high maintenance. Seriously, they act all laid back but they are wound way too effin tight. They’d be horrified with you.

    And I mean that as the highest sort of complement.

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