Top 5 Surf Tunes

Following on our trip to the water park on Saturday, and my steadfast refusal to allow Winter the satifaction of breaking my spirit, here are the TOP FIVE SURF TUNES OF ALL TIME!!!! As chosen by me. It’s my blog, so STFU.

First up: Honorable Mention goes to Jan & Dean – Surf City – From the cheesy 1978 TV movie which I still love to death. Best TV movie ending ever! OK, the Boy in the Plastic Bubble was cool too.

#5.) The Chantay’s – Pipeline Watch these nice young boys rip it up on the Lawrence Welk show.

#4.) Davie Allen and the Arrows – Apache 65 You’ve got to watch this just to see the two dancers in the background. I think the early Sixties can be summed up in their interpretive dance.

PS- “For Research Purposes Only”

#3.) The Ventures – Wipe Out Still one of the best guitar hooks ever written, and playing air drum to the drum solo’s could be considered a cardio workout.

#2.) Dick Dale – Nitro Yeah, I know everyone likes Miserlou, but Pulp Fiction kinda ruined the song for me. Now all I think about when I hear it is Travolta and Umma Thurman dancing. So “Nitro” gets the nod. QUICK! LETS ALL GO RACE OUR HOT RODS!!!!!

#1.) The Trashmen – The Surfin’ Bird You will now have this song stuck in your head all week. You’re welcome.

um-mau-mau, boppa-um-mau-mah-mau, boppa-um-mau-mau…

HOT DAMN! If that don’t make you want to marry Gidget I don’t know what will.

19 thoughts on “Top 5 Surf Tunes

    • So are you and Thom going to hold this wedding when Elly is 8 1/2 month preggers? Because there’s nothing better than seeing a Pregnant Bridesmaid in a foofy Prom Dress. Reminds me of High School.

  1. I saw your link from Gunnar and I had to laugh. Surf tunes from Minn.

    You forgot the Sandals and Honk.

    Cheers from Laguna Beach, CA USA

    PS: I ride goofy foot.


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