Lenten Fish Fry

One of the Lenten traditions in the 20 Prospect clan is the annual Catholic Athletic Association swim meet. This is the first year that Lil’ Miss 20 Prospect has not been on the swim team, choosing instead to go out for track & softball. So it was up to 20 Prospect Jr. to “represent”.

He did so admirably, making it to the finals in the 25m & 50m breast stroke, in addition to being on the 100m freestyle relay. This meant that instead of spending 2 consecutive nights at the University of Minnesota Aquatic center, we only had to spend one evening there. (Yeah!)

The boys finals is always less crowded than the girls, what with boys inherent aversion to wearing speedos.

Kidding. They don’t wear Speedo’s anymore. Swimmers have thankfully moved to more “bike short” style swim suits, so the kids don’t look like they are running around in their swim diapers.

The swim team from Our Lady of the Subdural Hematoma had an awesome meet. Even though our squad was small compared to the mega teams from “Our Lady of the Trust Fund” in North Oaks, and the boys from “Cake Eater Academy” in St. Paul, they placed in the top 8 in just about every event they swam.

20 Prospect Jr. was no exception, taking a 5th and 7th individually, and coming in 2nd with the relay team. We may be a bunch of Catholic trailer trash from the North Metro but we punch above our weight when it comes to youth sports.

Not that we push our kids or anything. No, Mrs. 20 Prospect and I have taken a very hands off approach to sports letting the kids play whatever they want, and not pushing them to pick one and specialize in the hopes of some pie in the sky dream of scholarships and glory. These are the years when they can still be kids, and play on whatever teams they want without the pressure of “getting cut.”

So we are always pleasantly surprised when our non-competitive kids do well. Sure, they’d probably do better if we yelled and screamed at them a little more like others parents do. Or if we threatened to send them to bed w/o supper, or sleep in the dog crate if they don’t win. But really, we just aren’t that hyper competitive. Instead we have found that simply letting them know that “Mommy & Daddy don’t love losers” is usually enough to spur them to victory. I just can’t understand the parents who take these sports so seriously.


14 thoughts on “Lenten Fish Fry

  1. The “Mom & Dad don’t love losers” works as well as the old “I only have room in my heart for one child. The BEST one” this keeps them frosty, on their toes and fighting each other as well as the people they must compete against in the sporting match.

    Also, thanks for reminding me NOT to eat meat on Friday. Sometimes 12 years of Catholic schooling has the opposite effect and I binge on animals when the last day of the week rolls around.

    • It’s OK to eat animals on Friday, just so long as they are cold and indifferent sorts of creatures. Anything lovable and furry, that can look up at you with sentient eyes is off limits. I believe that’s written in the Vatican II Bylaws somewhere.

  2. I do love a swim meet though. Do fans yell “GO!” when their heads pop out of the water for a breath? That’s my favorite. My son’s on our county Aquatic Club team, but he has yet to compete. Because he refuses. How’s that for non-competitive?

  3. The Drama Queen set two school records this year during her swim season. At the banquet, the coach was presenting awards and making a personal observation or telling a story about each kid. When it was time for her, he said, “_______ is an amazing athlete, I knew we had a beast on our hands when she informed me during pre-season workouts she runs barefoot. I was right. Then I made her cry, got a call from her mom and realized where she gets it.”

    I don’t care what sports, if any, my kids participate in, but they must have fun and enjoy themselves. That is my only rule. If it isn’t fun, it isn’t going to continue. They are kids, life isn’t supposed to be about getting pushed to the limits of your capability at 15.

    Also, unfortunately, 3 of the boys on her team decided they were ordering the speedo style version of the school swim set. D-I-S-T-U-R-B-I-N-G!!!

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