Angel is a Centerfold

I promised you all some Bike P0rn once my bike was ready, so here it is. Introducing Miss April:

artsy soft focus....

Name: Isabella Cuevas
Statistics: 55cm Top Tube, Reynolds 853 Steel, 19.5 lbs
Turn Ons: Sunny days, Italian food, Rolling hills, Long rides in the country side with the wind at my back
Turn Offs: Rainy Days, Potholes, Fat Guys in Lycra, Retrogrouches
Birthday: 2007
Hometown: New York City
Favorite Place: Barcelona
Favorite Movie: Breaking Away

She’s a real lithe, dark eyed, Catalan beauty as you can see. Supple lines, buxom curves, and a spirit like a wild Mustang. I apologize in advance for some of the graphic photos you are about to see. Please cover the children’s eyes.

Look at that gorgeous face!

ample caboose. I like a bike with a little "back"

Hello beautiful!

I told you she was racy...

gratuitous bottom bracket shot

lathering up in the shower...


oops! That's a plate of Fish & Chips. Not sure how that photo got in here...

signed by the master

relaxing in front of the fireplace. Whew! I need a drink, and a cold shower.


17 thoughts on “Angel is a Centerfold

  1. You filthy heathen.
    I shudder to think how you got her in all those different positions.
    And I’m sorry, but I can barely get in the shower without hurting myself, how did you wedge her in there?

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