Lost in America

It’s been a hectic week. What with the whole Bin Laden thing, and the nuptials of a couple of inbred, horse faced Brits, I’ve hardly had time for focusing on the important things in life. Like playing catch in the backyard with the kids. And sitting on the Front Porch cleaning my shotgun.

I’m kidding. I hardly ever clean my shotgun on the front porch. I keep the cooler of beer on the back deck so that’s where I like to clean my firearms.

So I apologize for the dearth of poignant stories about making out with Catholic girls in the closets of shag carpeted rec rooms. I’m phoning it in.

Today I tip my hat to a writer whom I enjoyed very much, that passed away recently. Joe Bageant, a guy that wasn’t afraid to point out that class warfare is the one true American tragedy that has been keeping us tied in knots for 200 years. So Joe, God Bless, and may you rest in peace. I hear Jesus has an awesome fridge full of beer on his porch. Have one for us.

Here’s an essay by him on his last book, “Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir”


3 thoughts on “Lost in America

  1. I wish I could phone it in as well as this!

    Oh, and you should periodically switch to the front porch for shotgun cleaning. You know, just to keep yourself in the practice so you’re ready when the kids start dating.

    • There will be no dating for Lil Miss 20 Prospect. It’s not allowed at the convent in Tibet that she will be attending for High School

  2. Thank you for this link. I’ve bookmarked it and I’m already mesmerized.

    Hearing that Jesus has a working frig makes me a little envious of Mr. Bageant. Mine just broke yesterday. I’ve never felt more victimized.

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