Shhh… can you hear it? There between the rustle of the wind in the leaves, and the low grumble of distant thunder; the sound of summer arriving in Minnesota. I thought it would never arrive, but here it is at last. Sitting on the deck yesterday afternoon, the warm, thick air wrapped around me like a blanket. I lay back in the lawn chair, and closed my eyes and listened to the sound of it. The soft buzz of the fuzzy bee’s working their way through the planters, the ever present hum of lawn mowers in the distance, the sounds of the trees tossing their heads back in the strong breeze, the insistent chirp of the Cardinals .

We seldom go anywhere on the three big holiday weekends of the summer. I never really feel the need. There’s something wonderful about staying in town as half the population of the Twin Cities sits in traffic on the interstate, in a hurry to relax. There is so much to do right here in town, and so few people around to get in the way.

On Saturday night 20 Prospect Jr. and I went to the Twins game and soaked in baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet. On Sunday, we sat on the edge of the couch and watched one of the most thrilling Indy 500’s of all time, then went out and launched model rockets. On Monday we took the pups geocaching with us, and let them run with the pack at the “dog park”. We’re not normally “Dog park” people, but the one in Arden Hills is 3 acres with ponds for the pups to swim in, and Maggie the Wonderdog is an old Swamp Hound. 2 hours, and 10 ticks later, we were all beat from the heat, and ready for ice cream. (Little known fact, Dairy Queen will give the puppies free soft serve in a cup if you ask nicely.)

Otherwise, the weekend was passed in blissful laziness. A game of catch here and there, and some sausages grilling on the deck. The way summer days were meant to be spent, buzzing lazily from one flower to the next, gathering memories like nectar, to add to the sweet honey of our lives.


Keeping the yard safe from Sqwerlz


10 thoughts on “Bzzzzz

  1. That sounds like Nirvana. I love sitting on the deck just feeling summer! I think summer likes feeling me too. In my head, that’s how it happens. Otherwise, I am just the creepy chick always stalking summer, savoring him when he is here, then ardently awaiting his return. Checking to see if I can pinpoint his location and sneak up on him for a week or so while he is away. Oh dear, this doesn’t sound good. I may need to just turn myself in.

    • You know that one week in late October, and the one in April when folks in Houston can open their windows? It’s kinda like that, only greener.

  2. Here my sunny days are ending. Literally! June 1 marks the official start of T&T’s rainy season for the next six months. Though, it isn’t an exact science as the dry season was mostly rainy this year. We’ll see how it goes.

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