Pictures of home…

Pictures from this weekend’s St. Joe’s Lawn Fete, courtesy of Howard Owens at “The Batavian”. (For the record, I will NEVER refer to the parish as “Resurrection”. Despite the Archdiocese consolidation, it is, was, and forever shall be St. Joe’s.

Sigh… it makes me homesick seeing my peoples there without me.

3 thoughts on “Pictures of home…

  1. Betcha didn’t know it, but that’s a picture of our mom there in the background with all the 4 year olds in the parade. She is behind Mrs. Neir with just the top of her head showing!

  2. I get that feeling too: seeing the news of happenings in Taipei. So I don’t read news from back home. I have issues I know. But sometimes I feel outraged: how could they have all these cool things happening now that I am gone?!

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