Quo Vadis?

The rain drips down on the tin roof of the neighbor’s garden shed.  I close my eyes, and hope the day will pass me by.

Not me Lord.

Not today.

Just let me lay here in bed listening to the rain like a Mother’s heartbeat.

But I surrender to the yoke of responsibility, and climb from my sleep warm bed, to face another day.

The rain falls steady against the windshield. As soon as the wipers swab them clear, they return, to run in rivulets of tears.

The city is just a shadow behind a veil of green water. The clouds float like grey bubbles in a dishwashers sink. I drive on beneath them, leaving plumes of water like rooster tails behind me.

Wash us clean.

Let our tears soak like raindrops into the loamy soil. Let them water our love.

We live.

We suffer.

We love.

This is what makes us human.

Turning willingly, towards our cross,

This is what makes us divine.


24 thoughts on “Quo Vadis?

  1. Well this is awkward. I love the rain.


    Rain, Rain, come today
    Come outside where we can play
    Wet the grass and soak the hay
    We’re going to celebrate.

    Drop by drop, you soak the land
    Grow the plants with liquid hands
    Make the crops rise in wide bands
    We’re going to celebrate

    Water running down the bricks,
    Wet t-shirts and hottie chicks
    Look at boobs without seeming pricks
    This is how we celebrate

    Storm clouds clear and sun peeks through
    Awnings drip, umbrellas too
    All the rain’s gone passing through.
    This is why we celebrate

    Something something something. It’s too early for this.

  2. Thank you for this as I am sitting on the train watching the raindrops slide down the window pane diagonally, wishing I were back in bed. I love telling my kids and myself this: you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

  3. How eloquently written is that?! Beautiful piece. I’m absolutely jealous! We need it so bad (the rain Tom, the rain). They’ve already outlawed some fireworks and if we don’t get rain between now and the 4th, there won’t be an Independence day!

    • Here’s the rain dance instructions.

      It’s just a jump to the left.

      And then a step to the right.

      With your hand on your hips.

      You bring your knees in tight.

      No wait, that’s the “Time Warp”. Sorry…

  4. Tommy,

    I think you’ve turned beatnik. I drummed my bongos and snapped my fingers after each line. Groovy.

    Beatniks are way better than dirty long hair petuli smelling hippies though.

  5. Adding “rain” to list of depressing things.
    I think I need to go re-read Elly’s public service announcement about slutty koalas now.

  6. Not sure what is more depressing…….this post or the fact that SisterMerryHellish has NOT seen the cinematic beauty that is Top Gun.

    Iceman and Maverick are classic movie characters…….straight from a Melville novel.

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