Rev it up

Everything in life has a cycle. Whether it’s sun spots, lycanthropy, or biorhythms, things tend to follow the great sine wave of existence, oscillating between -1 and 1. June & July are the bottom of the sine curve for my blog readership. The daily visits to my front porch drop by 40-50% every summer. Can’t say I blame anyone. Summertime is too short to waste sitting in front of a computer.

Which is just my way of saying that I will be posting less in the coming weeks.  We’ve got our own vacations planned now that the kids are out of school. Also, work has been busy as we are in the midst of planning season. So while I will still take time to post, it will most likely be less frequently. Please, try to contain your disappointment. No really, I hate to see grownups cry.

Furthermore, I am sure to be spending the next few weeks considering my future career plans. The Ritalin Rangers won their second game last night in convincing fashion, over a team that had previously beaten us by double digits. Given the amazing turnaround in our season, I am now being inundated with offers from Major League clubs looking to replace their current managers. It will be a tough decision, as I would really prefer to keep the kids in their current school, and not disrupt their lives too much with the vagabond existence of a MLB Manager. So I have some tough decisions to make. I won’t name names here, out of respect to the current managers who don’t know the axe is dangling over their head. I’m considerate like that.

So, happy Friday everybody! Here’s a few summer time tunes to get you in the mood for a summer weekend. Put the top down, and get out on the highway! Or if you don’t have a convertible, just take your top off and roll down the windows.

Ronnie & the Daytona’s – Little GTO Warning! This will be in your head all the damn day!

Dick Dale – Nitro Because, obviously.

Steppenwolf – Born to be Wild (The Easy Rider intro video. Dig those choppers!)

Ministry – Jesus Built my Hot Rod Nobody, with a good car, needs to worry ’bout nuthin!

Davie Allen and the Arrows – Moondawg 65′ When I go on my book signing tour, I’m hiring three girls to dance on the stage like this in the background.

12 thoughts on “Rev it up

  1. What?! No, wait! Get back here…,

    Yeah. Blog readership certainly does drop in the summer. That doesn’t mean, however, that it gets you out of bringing sodies to the next we’re-writing-and-nobody’s-here meeting…

    Oh, go ahead. What the hell. I’ll be waiting for you.


    p.s. Send pictures from the beach!

    • Damn. You had to mention potato chips and Nutella in the same comment. Now I have to go home and try dipping chips in Nutella. I LOVE Sweet & Salty!

  2. Wow, I’m glad it’s not just my blog. I was scared I was getting sloppy, but it’s much nicer to think everyone else is enjoying the sunshine as much as me. I’ll miss you a bit, but hopefully I’ll be having too much fun for the pangs to be too deep!

    • Aww… thanks. I won’t be completely gone. I just won’t be posting every day like I have been. I can’t quit cold turkey when it comes to writing. I get the shakes.

  3. You know Jesus really DID built my hot rod, right?
    It shoots the flames of white hot retribution out of it’s shiny chrome tail pipes reducing all sinners to ash.
    That sounds like it was written by my third grade nun.
    Oh, and like I told Ry….
    You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.
    Permission NOT granted for less frequent posting unless you get Bell’s Palsy or rickets.

    • OK Missy, Don’t get me started about bloggers who disappear, and quit sharing their warped and twisted stories with their adoring public.

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