Traveling Man

“It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.” – Steven Wright

We’re back! Did you miss us interwebz? I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in over a whole week. This might be the first time that has happened in the last 2 years. Oh sure, I put a couple of retreads in the hopper before I left, so that you wouldn’t think this site had been foreclosed, but it’s not the same.


After an EPIC vacation, the 20 Prospect clan has returned to our homestead in the upper midwest. Just in time for Independence Day! My 3rd favorite holiday after Christmas and Halloween. (it beats out memorial day by a nose). As I posted on yesterday, I have many fond memories of the July 4ths of my youth. It was always a day to stay at home for our family, and now that I have a family of my own I have continued the tradition. We rolled back into town on July 3rd, in time to pick the doggies up, and grill some brats. It was so good to get the pups back. I think we missed them more than they missed us. They played hard with the other dogs at the sitters, and have been crashed out on the couch since we got them home.


While this may be my favorite week of summer, it’s the Indomitable Moxie’s least favorite. She spent last night running in circles barking her fool head off, as fireworks popped and crackled through the neighborhood, like the streets of Damascus. In her little Doggie brain, she can’t figure out where that doggie in the sky is, who keeps barking in the dark outside. Maggie the Wonderdog could not care less. Nothing is going to interrupt a nap or a meal.


Oh interwebz, there is SO MUCH to tell you! I can’t begin to scratch the surface of our week long driving vacation in a single post, so please forgive me in advance for boring you all to tears with recaps of our adventures during the next week. I promise to get back to our regularly scheduled postings about my love life circa 1983 by August.


This was the first REAL driving vacation that we have taken on since the kids were 4 & 5, and we drove down to KC, and St. Louis. That was a milk run, with no driving days longer than 6 hours. But this, this was a cross country EPIC. It took us two full 7 – 8 hour days of driving through Iowa and Nebraska just to get to Denver. Then there was another day of making our way through the front range on our way to our cabin near Buena Vista. We spent 4 glorious nights in a cabin nestled between two 14,000 ft. peaks, soaking in the hot springs, and spending our days outdoors.


If you have read this blog for any length of time you know how cheap I am. I hates to spend my money. Hell, I sold my soul for that cash so I am reluctant to part with it. However, there is one exception. Both me and Mrs. 20 Prospect do not hold back when it come to travel and vacation. And so I spent a ridiculous sum of money to rent a 3 bedroom log cabin built in 1908, with it’s own private hot springs just a few steps from the door. But that was just the beginning. We splurged on a full day trip of white water rafting the Arkansas River, a morning of Zip lining across canyons in Chafee County, and an afternoon of horseback riding the slopes of Mt. Antero. After 4 nights at 9,000 feet, we headed north across the vast empty expanse of Wyoming to the Black Hills of South Dakota. We spent one day sight seeing the tourist traps of the Black Hills, and taking in Mt. Rushmore (and Wall Drug) before heading home. Another 8 hour day in the car brought us back to our little wooded edge of prairie here in Minnesota.


And now… exhale… What a trip. I slept like a brick last night. We didn’t sit still for longer than 2 hours the whole time. I have hundreds of photos of our adventures large and small, along the way. Amusement parks, train rides, the grandeur of nature, the ridiculousness kitsch of tourist trap America. It felt like we were gone for a month, and now it feels good to be home.



8 thoughts on “Traveling Man

  1. Vacation envy. I haz it.

    What’s this news about you not posting for a week, and not wanting anyone to think the site had been foreclosed on? You talking to me, Mister? ‘Cause you might be. And it’d be justified. So I guess that’s cool.

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip! It’s always better to spend your hard-earned money on experiences over stuff. Your family will appreciate the memories. Unless the stuff is the new tv they’ve been whining about forever.

    • Thankfully, we don’t watch a lot of TV. Not because we don’t like it, just because we are better than the rest of you. (KIDDING!!!!)

  3. I think this whole thing is a cover up. You participated in some sort of international incident that resulted in two weeks of “down time” while the cleaners came in.
    I bet your dog is really a cheetah

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