I just can’t quit you

Look California, it was just not meant to be. We are from two different worlds, and backgrounds. We have so little in common.

Stop giving me that look. You know I’m right. When I get off that plane in San Jose and the clear sunshine hits my face, I can’t help but think we were made for each other, but deep down I know we just can’t be together.

We’ve had some fun times. Riding the Caltrain up to San Francisco, looking out at the wooly strips of clouds strung around the head of the hill tops like a wreath. That achingly clear cerulean sky as the sun sets behind the hills, but glitters like a thousand stars on the surface of the water. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, but it is just not meant to be.

Stop now. You know I can’t resist the caress of that cool night fog off of the bay. The soft wet kisses of the mist upon my cheeks as I climb the hilly streets past the wild eyed prophets, and shaman of the gutter. I love you too much, but in the end it takes more than just unbridled passion to make a lasting relationship.

Come closer now. One last embrace. Just one more night in your silky arms, and then we’ll say goodbye.

I just can’t quit you.


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