Math Class is Tough Barbie!

and so is writing a novel. Yes, I am still writing a book, and at this pace it might be ready for print in 2012, just in time for Armageddon, which will likely put a damper on sales.

So I have gotten off of my lazy butt, and decided to put on a big push for the next month to see how much I can get done before I start teaching again in the fall, and time becomes an even more precious commodity. The draft is now at 15,000 words. Only 40,000 more to go!

Maybe in my spare time I’ll compose an Opera, who knows.

Which is all just a fancy excuse to say I am phoning in today’s post. Please try to look disappointed. I like to think you can a difference when I really put an effort into these posts. Humor me.

In celebration of another hot sticky weekend, I give you some summer time music. I’ve been in a nostalgic mood for Drum Corps since I wrote Monday’s post, and nothing says heat and humidity like marching music. It reminds me of July days spent sitting on the curb watching the annual pageant of bands in the sweltering sunshine.

So pour yourself a tall glass of ice cold lemonade, pull up a rocking chair, and enjoy the music from the shade of my front porch.

PS – I refuse to pay $60 a year to WordPress, for the privilege of posting video content on the blog, so I am using a loophole and posting them in the comment section, which is apparently free.


19 thoughts on “Math Class is Tough Barbie!

  1. LOL. Nice way to stick it to the man!

    I used to have a boss who, eh, tends to err on the inappropriate side (which made us love him really). But once he was at a conference on a panel on stage, and he was trying to make a point of how the IT vendors look down on the users, anyway, so he made a reference to Barbie saying “Math is hard.” Unfortunately, most people in the audience heard it as “MATT is hard…”

    p.s. Did you discover Spotify yet?! I have a feeling you are going to LURV it.

  2. Oh and BTW…. The best D&BC I have ever seen is the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs. Pretty damn snappy. Get busy on the novel Barbie wants to read it 😉

  3. Dang, you’re clever. Usually loopholes are not designed for the poverty stricken…I hope you didn’t call anything to their attention.

    As much as I love reading your blog, I don’t think I’d feel at all bad to know you’re time off is in your novel. I’m trying a start too, but I’m not doing half as well. Get cracking, can’t wait to read it!

  4. Also? You WILL pay WordPress it’s paltry sum of $60 for the honor of letting you hang out here. It’s like the Eric Northman of the internet; smarmy, forceful, menacing and without equal.
    I’m not really sure why I launched so powerfully into that True Blood comparison but it just seemed to fit here.

    • You know, I am actually a little frightened by wordpress. After 2 plus years of blogging they have enough material on me to bump me off and assume my identity.

      Wait! Maybe they already have! How can I be certain this is actually me typing?

      Shit, I’m having one of those Tyler Durden moments.

      The first rule of WordPress is “don’t talk about WordPress”

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