Another one of those mornings where I just can’t get my butt moving. It’s perfect out here on the front porch. Someone in International Falls opened the window yesterday and cool, clear Canadian air has come blowing through. After the sultry summer we’ve had 60 degrees feels like heaven.

In a few minutes Mrs. 20p will be home from her night shift and I will be off for another fluorescent day in the office. But for now its just me and the girls keeping watch on the neighborhood.


6 thoughts on “Yawn…

    • On behalf of the parents of the children you will be teaching. Thank you for taking them off our hands again. Another few weeks at home and we’d have had to choke them.

  1. Tommy,

    I spent a little time last evening at 5 Prospect in Batavia, with our old football coach. I gotta tell you, there is something very peaceful about your old street. You could feel the cool breeze of the rain storm that was a few hours away. Fall is almost upon us. Can you still run a good 12 yard out pattern?

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