Space Weather Bulletin

Just passing along a Space Weather Bulletin. Because I can.

Also? I’m a geek.

Keep your eyes on the night sky for the Aurora these next few nights.

That is all.

Received: Tuesday, 06 Sep 2011,
Subject: Space Weather Bulletin

Official Space Weather Advisory issued by NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
Boulder, Colorado, USA

2011 September 06 at 05:44 p.m. MDT (2011 September 06 2344 UTC)


NOAA Region 1283 produced and R3 (Strong) Radio Blackout event on
September 6 at 2220 UTC (6:20 p.m. EDT). The event may include an
earth-directed Coronal Mass Ejection, but at this early point in the
eruption it is too soon to be more specific. Additional information
will be posted on the SWPC web site at Watch the "Top
News of the Day" for updates.

Data used to provide space weather services are contributed by NOAA,
USAF, NASA, NSF, USGS, the International Space Environment Services
and other observatories, universities, and institutions. More
information is available at SWPC’s Web site

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Product Subscription Site. Please do not use the from address for correspondence, as it is not monitored. For comments or help, please contact
SWPC Help.


2 thoughts on “Space Weather Bulletin

    • It also sounds extremely messy.

      I can’t help but think that these cosmic tsunami of charged particles striking earth screws with our heads. How else can we explain things like puppets, clowns, and Michelle Bachmann?

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