Beer + Hockey = WIN!!!!!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid product endorsement. However, should the good folks at Labatt’s USA decide they’d like to donate a few cases of product for me to test, I’m sure I could have my Big Bruddah swing by and pick them up later today.

It’s hard to think of a more Buffalonian product than Labatt’s Blue. Yes, I know Labatt’s is from Canada, but I’d bet that people in WNY drink more Labatt’s Blue per capita than anywhere in the world. This is for 2 reasons:

1.) It’s good

2.) It’s cheaper than Budweiser

Yeah, you read that right. Something that always puzzled me about WNY is that the Canadian beer is cheaper than the Bud-Miller-Coors swill. It’s one of the few benefits of living in WNY.

Another great Buffalonian/Canadian fusion is the Sabres. I mean what could be more “Canadian” than “The French Connection”?

So the good folks at Labatt U.S.A. (HQ in WNY naturally), decided to take Beer, add Hockey, and voila!

Sabres Themed Cans!

If they sold it in Minnesota, I’d run right out and pick up a case of Rene Robert for tonight’s game.


11 thoughts on “Beer + Hockey = WIN!!!!!

  1. Light beer should be outlawed Period!

    Personally since I am of Cycling sensabilities and I am an unabashed Flemish fan. You RDV, Eddy, Maertens and the like, my favorite “swill” is that 7 to 10% butt kicking Chimay. Now that is beer drinking.

    • According to my stat counter, I’ve been getting hits from the High Falls Brewing Company (aka Genesee Beer, aka North American Breweries Inc.) current owners of Labatt USA, Genny, Genny Cream, J.W. Dundee, Pyramid, Magic Hat, etc…

      So I’m either going to hear from their lawyer for copyright violations, or I’ll be asking you to drop by their office and pick up a few cases.

      • Unfortunately Tommy boy us on the So Cal left coast in the early 70’s whilst in a school of higher learning were on a budget. I think we were sucking down Lucky Lager for 4 bux a twelve pack. The only reasons we bought it were 3.

        1. Cheap.

        2. The riddle in the cap

        3. And most important. The drug store let us buy it before we were 21. Come to think about it they never got busted. God bless em’.


  2. Hi Tom,
    No lawsuit coming! I’m just a nosey marketing guy from Labatt that reads all of the google alerts that come up concerning Labatt. Thanks for writing about the promo. You won’t see this in your neck of the woods but sounds like maybe you have relatives in the area that can help you collect it!

    • How about coupons? Do you have any coupons?

      PS – Don’t worry, my relatives alone drink enough Labatts to fund your pension plan.

  3. I am Canadian and drink Blue all the time…was unaware that there was a Labatt USA! I am guessing the percentage is less there though?!

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