Think Pink

Once upon a time October was a sleepy month. A month where we all caught our breath after the hectic return to school of September, and prepared for the coming onslaught of the holiday season. It was a month for earth tones, and autumn leaves. A month for Halloween. If any colors could be associated as the official colors of October, it was Orange and Black.

Those times are past. At some point in the last few years someone designated October as the official month of breast cancer awareness, and declared that pink would be the official color.

Now I’m a huge fan of breasts. (I’m also a fan of huge breasts for that matter.) I’m also no fan of cancer. I’ve seen it cut down too many people, at far too young an age. I’ve had close friends who have had to fight against it. I can assure you;


But you know what? I also hate pink.

Don’t get me wrong. Pink has it’s place in the color pallet of the world. However, the crusade of pinkness that we are now being subjected to is getting out of hand. In our rush to show the world that we hate breast cancer people are going overboard.The result can sometimes make my eyes bleed.

why does this remind me of the Cat in the Hat Comes Back?

The NFL is by far the worst offender

et tu Rugby?

This reminds me of the Red Ribbon AIDS crusade of the 90’s, where no self respecting Hollywood celebrity would dare to be seen in public without a strategically placed red ribbon.

and the Yellow Ribbon We-Support-Our-Troops crusade of the 2000’s, when you felt self conscious driving down the highway without a yellow ribbon magnet on your trunk.

Do all cultures suffer from this desire to “one up” each other, or is this a uniquely American phenomenon?

It reminds me of the chapter in the book Catch-22, where Captain Black initiates the Great Loyalty Oath Crusade, as an attempt to discredit his rival, Major Major. Within a short span of time the bomber squadron grinds to a halt, as every function of daily life begins to require the signing of a loyalty oath to prove ones patriotism.

So at the risk of being a misogynistic, communist, flag burning, gay bashing, bigot, I will not be wearing red, yellow, or pink ribbons this month, or any month.

Also? In the glorious words of Major —— de Coverley , “Gimme eat!”

and enough with the pink already


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