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It has been brought to my attention lately that various companies have decided to embrace social media as a grass roots marketing tool. They hire marketing people, and focus them solely on searching the internet for mentions of their products on Blogs, Twitter, and the book of faces.

I have a friend whose 13 year old son has taken to posting his own reviews of electronic gadgets on youtube. In doing so, he’s made friends with other teenage kids who do the same and learned that they are often on the receiving end of free samples from the companies whose products they review. These companies will also sponsor free product “contests” for blogs, and pay for links to their product sites. While this might bring into question the impartial judgements of youtube and blog product reviews, it also brings to mind the fact that I have yet to be approached by any faceless corporate automatons interested in using my front porch as a platform for stealth marketing.

Really corporate America? I’ve given you 20 of the best years of my life to oil your gears with the blood of the working classes and this is the thanks I get? You’ll send iPad’s to pimply faced teenagers to pump up the buzz about your products, but you can’t spare one measly little trinket for my efforts at filling the gaping digital void with thousands of words of original content? What gives?

So just in case all you marketing folks have been holding back on offers of cash, and prizes for access to 20 Prospect on the mistaken assumption that I have high moral standards, stop! I can be bought. Just drop me an email and lets start talking figure$.


10 thoughts on “Your Name Here

  1. The best I get is being a BzzAgent. You get to try stuff for free and give your honest opinion via your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and all that social media jazz.

    No word of a lie, I got a free Epilady leg-hair-puller-outer, Free Dove Hair Minmizing deodorant, and this new 360 degree Scrubbing Bubbles One Step foot-pedal activated spray toilet bowl cleaner.

    Now, you may think it doesn’t sound worth it, or that it sounds sell-out-ish, but if it saves me from getting my hands near our poorly-ceramic-ed toilet bowl and not having to scrub for an entire 30 days, then count me in as… well… easily influenced.

    Unless you were thinking more “major corporate sponsorship”, in which case, I only know one blogger who exchanged a small portion of her soul for one blog post about Greek yogurt.

    I think you must meet the likes of Stephen Colbert to get your hands on free iPads.

    Then again, my 9 year old nephew owns one and I have never even touched one. An iPad, I mean.

    So… jealous of my leg hair puller-outer and my name brand dropping? Huh? Huh? I bet you are!!


  2. All I ever get any more is the offer of a DVD of some Lifetime movie and a great link exchange for my readers.

    WHOO HOO, it’s party time over heeere!

    (Maybe if I actually posted something, other than complete garbage, more than once every three months really offers might start flowing in again)

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