Autumn Blaze

As the East Coast suffers from a Nor’Easter, here in Minnesota the longest autumn in memory continues. We are now on week 8 of the changing of the leaves. The Ash, and Birch have finished their solo’s and turned the stage over to the maples and oaks. There is more red, pink, maroon and russet in the neighborhood that I have seen in our 16 years here. The sugar maples are blazing orange and the silver maples are glowing yellow. Without a doubt this is the most beautiful time of year.

6 thoughts on “Autumn Blaze

  1. Apparently the leaves on the east coast this year were dull and colorless. Odd that they should be so spectacular in MN, but ordinary in New England.

    • I heard the same thing. We had a strange summer. Tons of rain until the end of July, then warm and dry until now. The apple crop was huge as well. Best Autumn ever.

      • You and your “nice weather”. I risked my life driving home in that hellacious white out from my Pixies concert. I will have you know it was worth every white knuckle minute of the danger just to hear Nimrod’s Son screeched from Frank’s vocal cords. sigh.

        • One night upon my motorcycle through the desert sped. And smashed upon the rocks so that my friends thought I was dead. My sister held me close and whispered to my head. “You are the son of a…”

  2. The crowd was Surfer Rosa CRAZY. They were playing all of Doolittle plus b sides and then they just ripped into all the SR songs. The place just lit UP! We were hoping for some Trompe Le Monde or Bossa Nova but it wasn’t in the cards.

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