Best Halloween Evah!

Whew! What a night. I have to say of all the Halloweens we have celebrated with 20 Prospect Jr. and Lil’ Miss 20 Prospect, last night was the best. The weather was amazing. Low 50’s, dry and no wind is about as good as it gets around these parts for the end of October.


20 Prospect Jr. went as a bedsheet ghost (if only I’d have had a tiger mask) and Lil’ Miss 20 Prospect went as a football player. We threw both costumes together Sunday evening, in true 20 Prospect fashion. We invited a few of the kid’s friends & families over to go trick or treating with us. So when the cider was warmed, and the apple crisp was done bubbling, we lit the pumpkins and opened the doors of 20 Prospect for business.


There were hoards of kids roving the neighborhood. It was a sight to behold. Like something out of the glory days of Halloween’s past, before the urban legends about razor blades, and cyanide laced pixie sticks scared us all indoors. Our neighborhood of 50’s ramblers is home to a lot of old folks, and a handful of young families. About half the houses were lit and passing out treats.


We set out together in a group of 8 kids, 6 adults, and 2 dogs. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in years. We walked farther, and went to more houses than we’ve ever gone before, until the kids pillow cases were stuffed full of treats.


The Indomitable Moxie and Maggie the Wonderdog were exhausted from all the excitement of walking across lawns, and sniffing strangers. I can only imagine what sort of thoughts were running through their little pea brains. “Why are all these peoples coming with us on our walk, Boss?”


Strangest treat of the night? – One lady was passing out little juice boxes of chocolate milk. WTF?

Most frightening costume – Lil’ Miss 20 Prospect’s friend, who came dressed as an “80’s girl”. Oy, that made us all feel old.

Least PC comment of the night – The lady who looked at 20 P Jr. in his bedsheet, and said in a dry voice “Oh look, a raghead.” (Yeah, we live in Anoka County. How could you tell?)

Best treat of the night? – The parents that brought a six pack of Summit Oktoberfest.

My only complaint is that we had to go to school, and work this morning. I miss having a day off for All Saints Day, like we did when I was a kid. Why do Minnesota Catholic schools makes their kids go to school on November 1st? They’ve been hanging around with those sober Lutherans too long.


2 thoughts on “Best Halloween Evah!

  1. hey who doesn’t tire after an evening of sniffing strangers? also now i’m torn between craving apple crisp or a pixie stick. glad it was a great halloween like the days of old.

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