Fantastic Voyage

I turn on the high beams and light up the block. The city streets are still empty at this hour. All over town people are still deep in their sleep warmed beds. Like blood vessels in a body, the streets lead onto roads, which lead to highways until I merge into the red and white flow of cars, pulsating towards the heart of the city. Slowly the world is coming to life, leaving behind its dreams, as it awakens one cell at a time.

I pass through downtown, and out the other side. The parking lot in front of the office is slowly filling up. I turn on the lights, and start my computer, and the great electronic brain stirs to life. Electrons buzz in ones and zeros, and pixels flash before my eyes. I am plugged in now, pouring words and thoughts like oxygen into the void.

Word by word, the beast consumes us.


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Voyage

  1. You know your overlords are going to begin to sense that you aren’t doing your part in making the machine run. Free thinkers will not be tolerated and you sound like you might just be gearing up for some kind of “internal mental anarchy”.
    Guards! Seize him!

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