Blistering Barnacles!

Tin Tin is Coming!

Now, I’m not one to get hyped up about pop culture. I think that in the past 10 years I have seen 1 movie / year on average, and half of those have been because we took the kids. (Thankfully, the kids have graduated from Disney to stuff like True Grit)

And as I have said many times before, I don’t watch much TV. Not for religious reasons, mostly because I’m better than you. But that said, while watching football the other day I saw a commercial for this:

Now I am totally jazzed up about going to see this movie. As a confessed Belgo-phile, I have to admit I have a soft spot for Tin-Tin, second only to my soft spots for Roger De Vlaeminck and Leffe Blonde. When the kids were little (3-4) I was traveling to Belgium about 3-4 times a year for work, and I got in the habit of picking up a Tin Tin comic on every trip. Then when I came home we’d sit on the couch, and I would read the comics to them. They have probably read each Tin Tin comic about 10 times by now. So when I saw the movie trailer, I knew in an instant what we would be doing over the holidays.

I hope that the movie does not disappoint. If they stick close to the plot they can’t possibly fail. I mean, what is more timeless than a adventure movie about a Boy reporter, an Alcoholic Sea Captain, and a talking dog?

The movie was produced by Peter Jackson & Steven Spielberg. I’m normally not a Spielberg fan, but I have to admit, this sort of material is right in his wheelhouse. And Jackson did an admirable job turning the Lord of the Rings into a movie. A better job than I ever though possible, to be honest.

The one drawback that I can see is the creepy motion capture  animation. (shudder). Am I the only one creeped out by this technology?

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be able to see it on a Saturday night at The Heights Theater in Colombia Heights, and enjoy a pre-movie concert of holiday music on their Mighty Wurlitzer organ.

So my message to Steven Spielberg, and Peter Jackson – PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE Don’t screw this one up!

4 thoughts on “Blistering Barnacles!

  1. “Not for religious reasons, but because I’m better than you.”

    🙂 I like that.

    About the movies, well, you know, I’m the same way — in fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a movie this year, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this one. It looks like it won’t insult the intelligence, and I like that in a movie.


  2. I can see it now. They will have this running in a loop at the Belgium Bistro in Laguna. Unfortunately Tom most of American plebes won’t get it, so it will go to Disc before it get out of the theaters.

    So I will be eating crepes and drinking red label Chimay enjoying the “Loop”

    see link: This is my Hangout.



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