Invisible Sun

Photo Copyright NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

My thoughts move through my mind like soldiers slogging through knee deep, boot sucking mud. These are the longest nights of the year, and my body is crying out for hibernation. I can understand how pagans worshiped the sun and balanced their lives around the solstice, like a wheel around an axle.

Driving to work through the blue diesel haze, and barren landscape, this does not seem like a season of light. What if it never came back? What if we were reduced to a cold, dark cinder floating through the void of space?

All civilization and technology is just our attempt to hold back the darkness, and create our own light. But this feeble buzzing, and blinking cannot fool our bodies. And so I force my soul like jelly into this machine of flesh and bone, and continue on my way.

9 thoughts on “Invisible Sun

  1. Dude, you are not going to believe this but I have a post named “invisible sun” in my draft section! It’s about people that radiate warmth and heat despite all the grey, doomsday lovin’, soul sucking assholes who make our lives so miserable! I’m totally going to post this today so no one can read it! Then when they do? They’ll all gossip about what a plagiarizing hack I am! Can’t wait!

    • Freaky serendipity. I was listening to the Police on the drive to work this morning, thinking what spiky hair gel – tube sock loving groupies the female acquaintances of my age all were, and trying to put my finger on what the attraction was. (Subject of a future post)

      I swear I wasn’t hacking into your blog.


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