What are you doing next year… on New Year’s Eve?

New Years Eve Buffalo N.Y. - Photo copyright Buffalo Rising http://www.buffalorising.com/

As Holiday’s go, New Years has never been a big favorite of mine. Oh sure, I’d had my share of memorable ones like:

My First Taste of Whiskey,

Rolling around in the snow making out with my Girlfriend’s best friend,

and a few memorable evenings in downtown buffalo watching the ball drop from the top of the Niagara Mohawk building. But for the most part, I’ve stayed at home and left the partying to others. Coming so soon after Christmas, it’s always been a bit anticlimactic anyway. New Year’s doesn’t have any special traditions, beside Dick Clark, and public drunkeness, and Lord knows I’ve never waited for a holiday just to get drunk in public. It doesn’t even have any special songs aside from one that no one knows the words to, and the one I quote in the title of this post.

So tonight the 20 Prospect clan will be celebrating New Years Eve the same way we usually do, with our annual Fondue dinner, and a lot of yawning. Hey, at least it’s a tradition.

So wherever you may be, and whatever you may be doing, I’d like to send you my heart felt wishes for a Happy, safe, and Peacefull 2012.


3 thoughts on “What are you doing next year… on New Year’s Eve?

  1. Two older women will be staying over to help us eat a little and drink some wine. My guess is we will all be sleeping before the ball falls.

    Bank checks are slowly becoming obsolete; I am just getting the right year on them.

  2. If I’m not running for the mountain with a backpack full of canned goods to escape Oprah and Obama’s concentraction camps (according to my sister’s idiot boyfriend) I plan to be kissing someone when the clock strikes 12 and swapping their penis for the 30ft inflatable one I’ve been keeping in the front yard.


    Happy New Year Sweetie!

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