Minnesota, hats off to thee…

to thy colors true we shall be…

At roughly 7 o’clock pm, on December 31st, 2011, winter arrived at 20 Prospect.

It's snowing at last

It started snowing, the temperature continued to drop, and the wind kicked up. By midnight it was pretty much over, but we’ll take it. Better late than never.

It’s just nice to look outside and see a white landscape. It’s supposed to be in the 40’s by week’s end so we’ll have to enjoy it while we can. So I loaded up the pups in the Mazda and headed to the dog park.

It was 15 degrees outside (Actual air temp. Wind chill is for Sissies) and the wind was blowing at a brisk 20 mph, under crystaline blue skies. Classic Minnesota winter weather. Ahh… refreshing.

So long as you can see the sun, it never really feels that cold. And to be honest, 15 degrees really isn’t that bad. It gave me a chance to try out the Christmas gifts I got from Mrs. 20 Prospect.

An Alpha Industires military grade N-3B Parka and a brand new pair of Sorel Pac Boots since the last pair I had became a chew toy for Maggie the Wonderdog last spring. I’d complain, but I’d had those boots since 9th grade, so I think I got my money’s worth out of them. I figured Sorel deserved my business again in return for 28 years of service.

best snow boots ever

I must say I was toasty warm. So warm that I was sweating by the time we got back to the car. Now I’m just a flannel lined pair of Carharts away from being prepared for a Polar expedition.

I’m long since past the age of caring about how I dress. Now it’s purely a matter of function over form. Call it Minnesota Chic.

Mr. 20 Prospect of the Antarctic

Bring it winter.

It really is lovely here on these frozen plains; The wind whipping across the Oak savanah, parting the brown grasses like a hair brush. The blinding sun reflecting off of the snow. The sky so blue and cold you could drink it.

The Indomitable Moxie, and Maggie the Wonderdog would agree.

Boss, what happened to the pond?


11 thoughts on “Minnesota, hats off to thee…

  1. Minnesota Chic looks a lot like Idaho Chic. And you’re right; wind chill is for sissies. Dogs are great for getting us off the couch and out into the weather. Wondering if you and Maggie the Wonderdog weren’t together in a plot to get you a pair of new boots.

    We’re still waiting for a blizzard here. Got just enough snow to make the roads slick but not enough for me to find out if my Sorrels will work with my new snowshoes or if I’ll have to stick with hiking boots and gaters.

    • I hope you get buried soon so you can try out those snowshoes. I’m dying to strap on the skinny skiis this winter if we ever get a decent snowfall. The key to surviving winter in the north is getting outside.

      Also booze.

      OK, mostly booze.

    • I think they’d have lasted me another 28 if Maggie hadn’t of eaten part of them.

      I’m sure the new pair will outlive me. If I die with my boots on, you can have them.

  2. The first arctic blast of the season greeted me with frigid arms as I walked out the door yesterday and I promptly bolted back inside and sat on a scalding hot radiator for the duration of the day.
    I’m moving to Dufmanno island for the season.

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