Give me cupcakes, or give me death!

The Front Porch has never been a political blog. The simple fact is that I find politics as boring and pointless as watching a Cricket match. I’ve also found that blog posting on politics is about as likely to lead to “change”, as blog posting on Cricket is going to effect the outcome of a cricket match.

But it’s Tuesday, I’m bored, and suffering from a drought of material. So when I read this headline in the news today, I felt compelled to share:

TSA Defends Confiscation of Mass. Woman’s Cupcake

Seriously? It’s come to this? Confiscating cupcakes in the name of national security?

from the AP article:

PEABODY, Mass. (AP) — The federal Transportation Security Administration is defending its decision to confiscate a frosted cupcake from a Massachusetts woman flying from Las Vegas.

The TSA says in a blog comment posted Monday the cupcake was packed in a jar filled with icing, which is considered a gel under a policy designed to secure travelers from terrorists seeking to evade detection by using explosives made of plastics, liquids or gels.

Peabody (PEE’-buh-dee) resident Rebecca Hains was barred from taking her cupcake onto a plane last month when a TSA agent said icing in the jar exceeded amounts of gels allowed in carry-on luggage. Hains has called that “terrible logic.”

The TSA says travelers can take cakes, pies and cupcakes through security checkpoints but should expect they might get additional screening.

Good God. Life imitates The Onion more and more everyday. Sometimes when I read the news I start to think I am living in the novel Catch 22. Absurdity has become so common that common sense is becoming a sign of mental illness.

I wonder what our founding fathers would say if they could see us now? After all the lives expended in the name of liberating pastry, the Federal Government has now come full circle.

In the words of Thomas Paine – These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the undercooked pastry will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by his baked goods now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

Time for the Boston Cupcake party. Who’s with me?


10 thoughts on “Give me cupcakes, or give me death!

  1. in a strange twist of fate, i am actually eating a cupcake right this nery second. it’s why i am typing with one hand and have been rendered incapable of capitalization.
    i’m seriously not kidding.

  2. Remember when one woman couldn’t take her breastmilk on the plane? I still haven’t forgiven that incident. Pumping breastmilk is like spinning gold. But cupcakes? Cupcakes are to adults what breastmilk is to babies. Don’t touch my cupcake, or you’ll be dealing with a very cranky adult.

    • But couldn’t she just pump more when she was on the plane? and how could the TSA be sure that it was only milk in her breasts? Clearly they should have required her to leave her breasts in her checked baggage.

      Also, YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!!

    • Don’t get me started. Twinkie the Kid was a known communist agent. I think he was even involved in the Soviet plot to poison our water supply with fluoride.

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