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The 20 Prospect clan is spending the weekend at an out of town hockey tournament. And by spending the weekend out of town I mean sitting in my living room cleaning my shotgun while dog sitting the neighbor’s Rottweilers. So don’t get any funny ideas.

The tourney is in a small town in West Central MN. Just to make the prairie experience complete its 2 degrees Farenheit with a 20 mph wind. Thankfully the games are being held in a heated ice arena. Yes, you know your in MN when you have to heat the ice arenas.

These tournament weekends involve a lot of boredom for the parents as we sit in the hotel killing time between games. Thankfully theres and indoor pool so the kids can swim and get the hell away from us. Unfortunately there are three teams staying in the hotel so the pool area resembles the island in Lord of the Flies. I couldn’t tolerate the noise any longer so I came back to the room. Not to worry though, the hockey moms and dads sitting poolside drinking Miller Lite out of there coolers are supervising, so I know the kids are safe.

I can’t believe there was a time when I lived in hotels. Jeezuz what did I do to pass the time? You can only watch so much cable TV before your brain softens to the consistency of Jello.

Luckily, I haz a smartphone, so I can blog via email. Sad as that may sound, it could be worse. I could be reading this instead.



8 thoughts on “Insert witty post title here

  1. Look at you blogging from a sports event! We here in the Dufmanno are prepping for another CYO playoff game by lighting candles and making the girls varsity team run barefoot in the snow screaming “no surrender!”

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