Jefferson I think we’re lost…

Our visit to our Nation’s Capitol comes to a close, on this foggy, misty morning. It’s been four glorious days of weather more suited to June, than Mid-March, and we’ve toured as many museums as our feet and attention span can handle. I always forget just how much there is to see and do here. We barely scratched the surface. Perhaps we’ll return again someday to take in more of it, but it’s hard to say. There is just so much wonder and beauty to see in this gloriously diverse country, that our list of places to visit seems to grow longer every year.

I’ll post more pics when I get home but in the mean time enjoy this photo of the tidal basin in full bloom. Peace.

6 thoughts on “Jefferson I think we’re lost…

  1. Three times this damn WordPress had DENIED me my comment!
    I’ll try again.
    Next time you are in town you must make it a point to see the dirty underbelly of our fine city. Or at least eat a seafood sandwich from the Lobster Truck.

    • I could’ve spent another week in the D.C. area, and still not have seen everything I wanted too. I’m sure we’ll be back again someday. My daughter has decided she’s going to live there.

      • I moved to the downstairs computer and the voodoo magic that makes the comment box remember who I am is does not exsist down here. I had to throw a chicken leg and a box of zombie powder at the screen before it got it’s mojo back

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