Public Service Announcement

Here on the front porch, I have a bit of a tendency to go on and on about my favorite subject. Myself.

No really, it’s true!

So today I’d like to pause for a moment, and give some kudos to one of the funniest monocle wearing bloggers on the Internet. Recently one of the posts of our Dear Dufmanno was selected by a NYC Based Theater Company for inclusion in their Off Broadway Production of “Blogologues“.

Seriously! I’m not making this up! Click on the link above if you don’t believe me.



So if any of you are in the NYC Area between April 13th – May 5th*, please stop in at The Players Loft (115 McDougal Street). Tickets are $18 (and includes a FREE DRINK!). You can get them HERE:

I would like to point out that I only stumbled across this event while reading a comment on her blog post, as she has been too humble to mention it to anyone. Apparently she was paying attention when the Nun’s taught that whole lesson in humility. I’m sure that Sister is smiling down on her from heaven right now. Until she reads the post and sees how her former star pupil is contributing to the degeneracy of the arts through her profane language.

Sister is not amused.

7 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. Aw thanks dude! We should also mention that Amanda of Brilliant Sulk fame is also a part of this and will be accompanying me for the opening performance on Friday, April 13th!!
    I wanted Meryl Streep to read my bit but she was busy.

      • Actually, wordpress just declared full out war on me so i’m coming over here to sit on your couch because I’m frightened of large corporations with so much control over my life. Everyone is emailing me telling me they are having trouble commenting and I think I made them mad. WordPress, not the attempted commenters.

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