30 days

In 30 days, 20 Prospect Jr. and I will be sitting right here as the green flag drops for the 96th Indianapolis 500 mile race.

A Stand, Box B25

Neither one of us can wait. We going down for the weekend, and camping in the IMS “family” tent and trailer campground, across 16th Street from the track. We’re praying for good weather, so keep your fingers crossed for us. It should be a fun weekend of loud noises, and strange sights. There’s always something interesting to see when you get 300,000 people together in the same place. What’s great about IMS is that it’s big enough to accommodate all types. The drunken party crowd in the snake pit in the infield, to the white wine and brie crowd in the Tower Suites. We’ll be sitting at the end of the main straight, across from the pit exit, in the center of it all. 13 rows up, I’m hoping we get some shade from that upper deck.

6 thoughts on “30 days

    • Absolutely. We went once before back in 2008, but stayed in a hotel in Champaign, Illinois and drove over for the race. I’m really looking forward to being in the middle of it all this time. Race weekend is like a 3 day party atmosphere, with lots of stuff going on. I’m just hoping for good weather.

  1. I have never been but my step dad has and he said he didn’t like Indy because of the way the track is set up and you couldn’t see all of it?! I thought this was weird him being a huge racing fan but he’s truly a Nascar fan so I guess he’s biased to begin with lol. He’s a heavy duty mechanic and for many years drove Cascar (Canadian equivalent) and won the 1999 series lol. But that’s where my schooling with racing ends.

    I hope you and your boy have an awesome time!!

    • He’s right about that. The track is 2.5 miles around, so you can’t see it all like you can at a smaller track. But they have big video boards around the track showing the race, and you can listen on the radio to get the play by play, so you come away feeling like you saw it all anyway. Plus the pomp and circumstance of Indy is amazing. It’s called the Greatest Spectacle in Racing for a reason.

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