Ooo Heaven is a Place on Earth

I fell asleep last night to the low rumble of distant thunder, and the soft sound of raindrops on the tin roof of our neighbor’s garden shed. Like a siren’s song, these sounds never fail to lull me deep beneath the ocean of sleep. Rising from the depths this morning was no easy chore, but the dogs would not be denied, and the birds were stretching their voices to herald the arrival of May. Sweet, sweet, Marian May, my favorite month of the year, when the lilacs bloom, and the world turns emerald green. Stepping out this morning I felt something that I haven’t felt in almost 6 months; humidity. Can summer be far behind?

The whole world smells like a bait shop as earth worms roll about on the pavement gasping for air. No wonder the birds are so excited. It’s a smorgasbord of wormy goodness this morning. It’s morning like this when the veil of drudgery is pulled back from my eyes and I can see the beauty of life. Oh how wonderful it would be to live a life where that beauty was always in sight. I guess it is human nature to let mundane tasks, and unimportant effluvia like work, and school, and responsibility to cloud our vision. Perhaps heaven is just a return to our world a 2nd time with the veil removed and the glory revealed. How silly we’d feel to realize that heaven was all around us the whole time, if only we’d paused to notice.


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