Of Wool Jerseys and Iron Crotches

There is no sweeter feeling than the fatigue you feel the morning after a big ride. Yesterday was the annual Iron Crotch Ride in Western Wisconsin, hosted by County Cycles of Roseville. A 60 mile loop from Houlton to Osceola and back, it’s been held the first weekend in May for 25 years. As anyone who lives here knows, the first weekend in May can be snowing, or 80 degrees. This year we lucked into a mild 58 degrees, and light winds. The nicest weather I’ve ever had in my 3 times of doing this ride. Last year it was 33 degrees, and windy.

I slept for krep the night before the ride, as big thunderstorms blew through town, and the dogs were restless. I kept looking at the clock, wondering if it would be worth driving the half hour just to be rained out. A little rain doesn’t bother me, but the lightning, and torrential downpours that we had would make it a no go. Finally at 5:30am, I got up and checked the weather radar. As if on cue, the big green and red blobs of rain were sliding out of the area, promising a nice 6 hour window of dry weather.

We set off on wet roads at 8:30 am, and two punctures later, rolled into Osceola for a cup of coffee at the Coffee Connection. That’s the downside to riding on wet roads. By the time we turned south again the roads had dried, and the winds had shifted, denying us the pleasure of the usual headwind for the last 30 miles. Surely the cycling gods were smiling on us. Several cookies, and water bottles later, we were packing up our worm encrusted bikes into the back of our cars, and crossing the St. Croix back in Stillwater, MN for a celebratory beer at Brines. (The unofficial beer of the 2012 Ironcrotch was Farm Girl Saison. Highly recommended.)


8 thoughts on “Of Wool Jerseys and Iron Crotches

  1. Sounds like you had..um…fun?! and I’m glad it cleared up. Although I do love a good thunderstorm, I agree that I wouldn’t want to ride a bike in one.

  2. If you’er a Flemish fan you got to ride in the mud or at least the wet. The Boys from Belgium would be proud of you ol’ boy. And of course they would like the beer at the end of it!

    • I’ve had the pleasure of riding in Flanders before. Oddly enough, the weather was sunny and hot. The beer however, was nice and cold.

  3. It’s a bit of a slap in the face for them to schedule this anual bike ride on Derby Day. WTH, man?!?!?

    Glad you enjoyed torturing yourself while I was dressed in my finest and sipping a mint julep with a not to be named here celebrity.

    • Ah yes, Derby Day. It’s the official start of summer down there. Kentucky is a lovely state, maybe someday I can make it down for the derby.

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