Another Minnesota morning

It’s a glorious morning here on the front porch. Cool 50+ degrees on its way up to the 70’s. Radiant green leaves that seem lit from within, amidst an unbroken field of cerulean blue. The kind of morning meant for sitting in a rocking chair sipping coffee as your trusty hound crunches away on the husks of dead Junebugs. A guy could come to enjoy mornings like this.

16 thoughts on “Another Minnesota morning

  1. Nevermind all that fancy talk Descripto. What we really need to know is how your dog flew up onto that high brick porch shelf.

    • Oh… I LOVE the fire flies. I wish we had them up here. They seem to die out about 60 miles south of the cities. One of the benefits of global warming will be the fire flies. Also the Queen Anne’s Lace.

    • As I type this they continue to bash their heads against the front window. In the morning Maggie the Wonderdog will have herself a crunchy snack.

  2. I’m surprised at the lack of firefles, because even though the Twin Cities is north of us it is pretty consistently warmer. Okay, warmer in winter, probably not in summer because in Albert Lea we’re on the eastern edge of the Great Western Wasteland.

    In another month our yard will be filled with fireflies. I’ll press some in a book and send them to you.

    • Yes, it seems like we are right on the edge of a different climate zone here. There’s some Oak Savannah around, but it seems like our flora and fauna is determined by the big rivers flowing through (MN, MS, St. Croix). It’s not uncommon to find little pockets of white pine forest scattered about.

      Don’t let the temps fool you though. That’s just the “heat island” effect of all the concrete and pavement soaking up the heat, then radiating it back at night. Get 10 miles outside of town and it drops 10 degrees.

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