The Chuck Foreman of Birthdays

Oof. These numbers just keep getting bigger. The sad part is that even though I am now well into middle age, I still have another 20+ years of working for my Dark Corporate Overlords ahead of me. Good god that’s depressing. I really need to buy a lottery ticket on the way home.


13 thoughts on “The Chuck Foreman of Birthdays

  1. I’ll meet you behind the Blind School with a 12 pk of warm Old Mill. Can you be there by dusk? Happy BDay. Here’s to another 30 years!

  2. I’m a terrible person. While cleaning up the vomit Vesuvius that has sprayed my walls this week I missed your birthday! I suck!
    Anyway, happy belated birthday and enjoy some cake. I’d join you but the mention of food makes me gag a little right now.

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